Monday, 15 October 2018

Weekend WIP


Excuse the yellow hue of my skin, I'm not jaundiced; I just played with the colours to get the jumper colour as close as possible to its magnificent self and that is what happened to my skin.

I'm mostly delighted with it, though reserving full delight until it's cast off and I can see how wide that boat neck really is. I think I've got three more rounds and then the cast off. The rest of it is an excellent fit, to my relief.

Sunday, 14 October 2018

Strictly: My Dance of the Night

Really tough competition this week, mainly because there wasn't anything I was desperately taken with but there were quite a lot of good dances that I enjoyed. I nearly picked Dr Ranj's paso but I tended to agree with whichever judge it was that said it felt a bit like Janette was placing him and dancing around him - no problem for me, I really love Janette's dancing so I could watch that all day long, but that's not really in the spirit of the thing I guess.

So, I'm picking Charles and Karen's salsa, not least because he has been in the bottom two twice and therefore might go home soon.

I thought they did it better in the dance off, where they nailed that last lift. It must have been a bit of a shock to Charles when Karen adjusted her grip to compensate for the miss on this version.

Really love this song too, which helps.

Selfie Sunday

Going out out.

I finally got those magnetic lashes to stick on my eyes and, although it felt like someone has stuck a gorilla costume on my face whenever I looked in the mirror, I got good compliments on them. Win!

Edited to add: I'm not sure if I ever mentioned these lashes on my blog. In July, when I was chained to my computer for hours a day doing exam work, I bought a steady stream of things that were of questionable use. Jewellery cleaner, one of those whizzy make up brush cleaner spinners, a number of ill-advised playsuits that all went back...I was an online shopping queen. Amazon have recently sent me something asking me if I'm buying for a business, to give you a hint about how often I hit them up.

The magnetic lashes were possibly the craziest purchase. I think I've worn false eyelashes twice in my life before and I was a teenager both times. I don't know why I bought them and I took them everywhere with me in the summer but never quite plucked up the courage to put them on. However, they didn't prove to be too impossible to apply last night and I quite liked them in the end.

Weeknote: 13/10

I achieved my goal of getting the sleeves sewn in and the neckline picked up for the weekend. I'm currently about eight rows away from it being finished, plus a thousand ends that need weaving in, of course.

My thoughts have already turned to my next project and I find myself thinking about knitting some more Christmas trees to decorate the house, now that we finally have the sort of living room where Christmas decorations don't look like something strategically placed to conceal a pile of rubbish.

Going to:
It's been a busy week so I went to ground a bit. No ballet. No yoga. On Thursday I did go to visit a colleague at his school in Wiltshire. I interviewed against him for that job and it was really weird being back at the school for the first time since. No regrets at all, except perhaps for this amazing classroom view (I still think mine is better though).

On Friday it was a half day and I gave a lecture to the PGCE group and went to have a drink with a friend at The Botanist, a lovely bar just off the triangle that you wouldn't know unless you knew. I had some rhubarb and bramley apple gin which was amazing.

Then I popped off to Portsmouth for the rest of the weekend. Mother Hand and I went for a long seafront walk on Saturday afternoon, with lunch at the Tenth Hole.

Then I went out with my old school friends Zoe and Leila and Zoe's sisters and friend for a belated birthday celebration. We crawled the bars of Albert and Palmerston Roads. I was deeply disappointed to have to explain to a barman in a cocktail bar what a martini is (??!!?) but pleased to find an excellent variety of gins available at all of the locations we went to and I sampled them all heartily. Most of my photographs are blurry. This isn't a coincidence.

It was lovely to hang out with these two again after so long. I like to think our 17 year old selves would be proud, though they would doubtless of had some negative things to say about our outfits.

I'm faltering this week, which is why there isn't much more to add to this weeknote. Half term is looming, thank goodness. I have felt like the plates have all been wobbling and threatening to crash all week, so I am looking forward to having a week and a half off to chill out and catch up. I'm going spa-ing with Mother Hand and I've just booked a yoga weekend at the end of November to look forward to. Loading up on the me-time treats.

Friday, 12 October 2018

Strictly: My Dance of the Night

I finally managed to watch a full episode of Strictly on Saturday. They're so long at the start of the series that I never manage to catch up if I'm not at home to watch.

I really liked the quickstep from Grease, but it was Kate Silverton as Jessica Rabbit that I wanted to watch again. The way she covered that stumble was masterful. I loved it.

And now I'm back to wondering how I can possibly become famous enough in my current profession to be invited onto Strictly...

Thursday, 11 October 2018

Throwback Thursday

This time last year I'd just spent the weekend in Portsmouth doing some lovely bits and pieces. Education conference, history lectures and a wander around some green bits of Winchester with Mother Hand. It was a gorgeous, sunny day and the surroundings were idyllic.

I'd quite like this to be my back garden. Pool steps down to the river. Ideal. 

Monday, 8 October 2018

Blue Monday

In the summer, Mr Z and I spent some time in southern Italy. It was hot, hot, hot. Too hot. We spent much of our time indoors in the air conditioning. With hindsight, we should have stayed on the coast, not in a city.

On the last day we drove round the coast a bit and stopped in Otranto for lunch. This is probably where we should have spent the whole holiday. Loved it.

Next year.