Monday, 16 October 2017

Blue Monday

This amazing reflection of the sky is courtesy of the Casa de la Cultura Ecuatoriana, an art museum and gallery in Quito.

Unfortunately, it was very difficult to find the way in and I don't feel like I saw much of the inside, though I did wander around the art gallery, which included an eerily lifelike, life-sized model of a clown. In the end I had to leave because I got so freaked out by it. I was the only person in there and I started to envisage a horror-movie scenario in which it came to life and chased me around, to a murderous conclusion.

There are some definite drawbacks to travelling alone.

Sunday, 15 October 2017

Strictly: My Dance of the Night

I watched the new series of SCD for the first time tonight. I liked a lot of the dances but the one by Alexandra Burke and Gorka was just amazing. I think she had a very fortunate choice of song, though. Part of the reason I loved it was because you can see the band bopping away in the background too, and even the judges get in on it during her first pass past the table. It is an infectiously joyful piece of music.


I wished Gorka had included Tina's signature dance move that surely everyone does when they hear this song (just me?) but perhaps it would have been a bit obvious.

Friday, 13 October 2017

Fave Friday

You might know that I'm a fan of the gin. I have quite a lot of gins in my little stockpile now, so I have to be quite impressed to add more.

This gin was being offered at the gin festival I went to in May. I went to a gin school to hear about how it was made and it was very wittily sold by an ex-teacher who kept us laughing throughout his explanation of what makes this gin delicious and special. It was indeed delicious and special, so I bought a bottle. It's quite citrussy in flavour. You're meant to serve it with a slice of pear, but who has time for that?

It's quite a nice business story, too, since it was crowdfunded and they're based in Leeds, and I think they're the people who run the gin festival too so good people to support. You can buy it here. I shouldn't have looked, there's a three-for-two offer on.

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Scenes from the Classroom #34

I've got a very confident girl in my year 7 class.

Today, someone asked me how to spell abattoir. I couldn't remember if it was one b or two, so I wrote them both on the board and selected the one that looked correct. I think this is an important modelling thing to do with students. Also, I don't use the word abattoir very often.

K: *hand straight up*
Me: (momentarily doubts the spelling, but only momentarily)
Me: Yes, K?
K: Miss, as somebody who very rarely makes spelling mistakes, I can confirm that that is correct.
Me: Thank you very much, K!
Class: *snigger*

She does delight in showing off her excellent literacy skills, but I had to bite back from saying, "As somebody who always uses full sentences, remind me to show you how."

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Travel Tuesday: Salzburg

When Zoe and I skied in April, we went to spend a day roaming Salzburg and soaking up the culture.

It's quite a compact little city with the river running alongside the old town, so we walked everywhere we wanted to go. By the time we'd managed the public transport from our ski area it was lunchtime, and pouring with rain, so we stopped in a little courtyard Italian restaurant before going on to the castle.

They are obsessed with Mozart, and ducks (there's some kind of sports team that explains the latter). So, this display of Mozart eyeing a rubber duck doppelganger of himself nervously whilst holding a selfie stick is not that odd.

The castle had the best views across the city and we enjoyed the funicular.

The cathedral was also very picturesque.

We came back to Salzburg at the end of the trip; the railway station has luggage lockers so we stashed everything and went off to see a couple of things we'd missed the first time round - namely, the bridge they used in the Sound of Music, and the Augustiner Brau, a brewery and monastery with a huge food court that came highly recommended by a fellow history teacher friend.

I gather we missed a few key things out, particularly the Sound of Music tour and some kind of local salt mine which gives the city its name. Good reasons to return.

Monday, 9 October 2017

Blue Monday

A break from the Galapagos this week.

This is from the Basilica del Voto Nacional, a splendid church with some lovely terraces one one side. This is a gate I came across on those terraces.

Sunday, 8 October 2017

Selfie Sunday

Something up-to-date this week. I've been roaming around Hampshire learning all the things and spending time with Mother Hand.

Here I am posing in the Great Hall in Winchester, where I went to a lecture on Saturday night. It was the BBC History Magazine weekender. Great lecture, absolutely crammed with geeky facts and figures about the Restoration period.

The next day I returned with Mother Hand, for a National Trust visit to Winchester City Mill, and another History lecture.

Such weekend behaviour. Can you believe I'm not even 40 yet?