Sunday, 1 December 2019

Sunday Selfie

I got some new glasses. I wanted some this shape and sent Mr Z and Mother Hand pictures of the options; then I picked the pair they didn't prefer anyway, because I liked them better. Mr Z says I look very waspy. I am enjoying feeling like a 1950s office worker.

Weekend WIP

The Volt is starting to look close to finished!

It's the most 80s shape and design imaginable. I'm looking forward to the sleeves going on and seeing how this will change the neckline.

On Saturday I managed to finish the back, shape the back shoulders, three-needle-bind-off the front and backs together, and pick up and knit the neckband. Now I need to sew the side seams and pick up and knit the sleeves. I've got one full ball and a partial ball - maybe a quarter, maybe a third - left, so not loads and therefore, in theory, shouldn't take too long. The problem is that it is now quite bulky and difficult to tote around with me. I might not be able to drag it on the plane to Edinburgh next weekend.

Late in the day edit to say: I have now sewed the side seams and picked up for the sleeves. I'm taking the bus to work tomorrow so might drag it with me for the long journey to Bath after school for the Christmas markets but, as I said - bulky. We'll see.

Weeknote: 1/12

I've made some great progress on the Volt - see my WIP post, but here was me trying it on before I'd done the neckband, at Flock yesterday.

I have been plotting a new small cardigan for the new niece, using up some Lorna's Laces I've got, so it has been killer not casting it on this week because I reckon it will be really speedy.

Going to:
Not many places this week. Still trying to keep my head down before ultra-busy December.

I went to dinner at the Spaghetti Incident on Stokes Croft on Friday night - fantastic food and cocktails, though you'd likely walk past it without thinking much about it, as it doesn't show off from the outside. Then we went to 51 for a drink and I felt all nostalgic about going there with my old school friend Beccy, who I haven't seen for a couple of years now, thanks to her residence in Australia.

Yesterday was a knitting day and we went on the Flock afterwards, though I left early so we could pick up our Christmas tree. Sorry, not sorry. I don't care that it's early. It's sitting in the back garden for now but will be brought in and decorated soon.

I finally went back to a yoga class after school, on Tuesday. It has been a long time getting back on a weeknight and it may be a while before I can do it again, but I have done it once and that's once more than before.

Entertained by:
Similar to last week - continuing with the same books. Enjoying the Apprentice a bit more now that there are fewer candidates and they all get a bit more screentime to look inept. This week led to an idle conversation about a product to sell to Lord Sugar if one was to take part in a series and I managed to think of one, so perhaps that is my route to being on Strictly.

I've been listening to a podcast series from the BBC; the first one was Murder at the Lucky Holiday Hotel and it was put together and narrated by Carrie Gracie. The second series is Phillippe Sands on the Ratline. I think it's called Refinery 29; worth a look, as the episodes are only 20ish minutes long.

Accomplished - I moved along three trips (two abroad) at school this week and managed to get through a fair whack of my to do list - but also daunted by December. It's a fairly even balance of work and social things, so I shouldn't feel like this, but I do love a lazy weekend at home and there won't be one now for a long time.

Saturday, 30 November 2019

Strictly: My Dance of the Night

I do love musicals week! Tough choices again tonight but I do love a Charleston and Emma and Anton's was such a classic that I had to choose it, even though Hairspray is among my favourite musicals and I thought Karim and Amy's jive was epic.

Only two more weeks to go!

Friday, 29 November 2019

Fave Friday

This week, a simple fave of a drink after work turning into several hours of fun chatter in good company. I've made it out with my work friends two Fridays in a row. Definitely winning. This morning I slept through my alarms and woke up 18 minutes after I needed to leave the house for my usual bus, but I held my nerve and caught a later one (the same time as the one I caught when I was almost late for interview for my current job, a journey that probably shaved 2 years off my life) so I could still have a drink and not have to slope off early because I was nearly asleep. 

I am very pleased to be working in Bristol now and have such lovely colleagues. I mean, I always had lovely colleges, but it is much easier to sit here on a bus home than the palaver of going out after work in Wiltshire and having to make plans around my car. 

Thursday, 28 November 2019

Three on Thursday

I'm devastated that I forgot to blog yesterday. I don't really know what happened, but I also forgot to upload the fourth episode of my podcast and I didn't realise until this evening. I forgot I hadn't blogged until I opened Blogger to blog today. It's like Wednesday didn't happen. I'm blaming the Y13 marking: I worked on it before and after The Apprentice, to the detriment of my actual life. But, ah well. I nearly cheated and back-dated but I would have known. And I had Y13 parents' evening tonight so it really did have to be done (I didn't find it but, close).

What am I thankful for this week? Mr Z says him but I have already said him and it is ongoing.

I'm thankful for my PT, Jenny. For months now she has not pushed me too hard in our sessions, but she's noted that I've gone back to the gym/yoga in the past few weeks and she set me a killer circuit last night. I have been seeing her now for nearly 10 years and she's very good at knowing how much I can cope with on any given week.

I'm thankful for my lovely work colleagues. I remember when I moved schools and decided I wouldn't make friends because I had enough friends. I'm glad that didn't last. Three weeks until skiing with some of them. Very exciting.

I'm thankful for knitting group. I made a mental calculation this morning on my drive to work, that after this weekend I can't go again until early February and then not until April, which made me sad, though I now see there is a 5-Saturday February - a phenomenon that happens only once every 28 years - so the extra one will keep me going. It is so nice to hang out with other crafters and chat and get help and cheerleading.

Tuesday, 26 November 2019

Tuesday Ten

Ten new things I've done this year

1. I went snow tubing on the ski trip. Bundles of fun. So much laughing.

2. Jumped off a boat in Malta.

3. Went to a Scandinavian country.

4. Ate southern fried chicken in the American south.

5. Shortlisted, interviewed and appointed a new staff member.

6. Ran a pub quiz...two, in fact. Another one coming up in January if you're feeling historical.

7. Went on the end-of-year boat party with my colleagues. I always miss it because it clashes with the conference I go to every year, but not this year!

8. Steeked a cardigan.

9. Donated my 10th pint of blood to Blood Donors.

10. Adopted baby rabbits. They're not such babies now but they are still very cute. Maybe not quite this cute, but close.

They struggle to keep still for long enough to take a non-blurry photo.