Tuesday 30 April 2013

Crafty Photo Scavenger Hunt: April

So, of course I am late for my own party - I was a good 15 minutes late for my wedding so it's not exactly a surprise. In the meantime, please go and look at the pictures on these lovely blogs -


Late this year, but the magnolia is out and I LOVE it.

This was in Oxford last week, on a trip for the AGT students to the university. My AGT job has been disappeared in the latest reorganisation (not my actual job, you understand, just the extra bit) so this is probably the last event I will do. Luckily it was a great one! Oxford on its own is quite an inspiring place, I think.

Something I Made
Golf club sock for Mr Z. I made it up as I went along and it worked quite well.

I finished a cardigan this month too, bar the fancification of the button band and adding the buttons, but there'll be a whole post for that soon I expect.

Continuing on the blossom theme, my tulips have just popped out in the garden. What a treat! Normally they're long finished by now. I have these and an ever-increasing quantity of dark purple ones.


My obsession with Nashville has me looking wistfully at my battered old cowboy boots (the real article, from the very cowboyesque Boot Barn in Vegas) and wishing I could get away with wearing them with skirts and not look like I was in costume for something. I have also been planning our summer western adventure, camping in California: maybe I could get away with it there.


Spoilt for choice, really, but I picked this mysterious chunk of rock that has been in our garden for a long time. I remember first seeing it and thinking it was a chunk of raw meat leftover from a barbecue - it is a lot redder than it seems in this picture. I can't remember where it came from but I think it looks quite interesting.

Tuesday 9 April 2013

Tuesday Ten

Three years ago I made this post about what I was intending to knit with my stash. It is nice to revisit it every so often; I have done number 2 and number 6 and I'm working on number 3, although a different pattern - I'm saving Myrtle for a different yarn (see below). I gave the yarn for number 7 away to a lady who needed it to finish another project. And in spite of my best intentions, I haven't knitted a single additional pair of Ugg baby booties; the search for which, by the way, probably brings more people to my blog than any other.

Anyway. I am doggedly knitting my way through a From This Day Forward cardigan with the pretty pink yarn from number 3, and I am determined to not start anything else until it is finished, so of course, all I want to do is start new projects. Therefore, it's clearly time for a "Ten things I want to knit" post.

1. A Cheshire Cat jumper, a la Tim Burton -

(I hope it is OK to use this marvellous picture - it's from this website but I didn't want to risk it becoming a dead link.)
We watched Tim Burton's frankly creepy Alice at the weekend and I loved the rendering of the Cheshire Cat in grey and turquoise, rather than the Disney pink and purple. It made a little lightbulb go off in my head, as I recalled I had some turquoise Alpaca DK I bought from UK Rav Day way back in I can't remember and ... hang on ... isn't that grey Knitpicks I have leftover from this cardigan Alpaca DK too? BOOM!
Neither quantity is enough for a whole jumper, but together they will make a stripey garment of wonder. I am just trying to work out how I can also include my turquoise Chinese buttons in there somehow.

2. Watermelon socks. I have the kit. It is awesome. I just need to get started!

3. Fossil t-shirt, in one of the colourways of Damask I hoarded before they discontinued the yarn. I may have rather a lot of this yarn. I'm thinking this one -


If it goes well, I might knit it again with the blue sequinned Jo Sharp yarn I brought back from Australia with me.

4. A Lion & Lamb pinwheel blanket. Ridiculously opulent. I have been collecting blue-tinged yarns from the Jimmy Beans Limited Edition specials for a couple of years now. I have 13 skeins, assuming I'm not giving up all of my all-time-favourite Royal Wedding to the project, which will make me roughly 50 pinwheels. My pinwheel shawl is 10. I figure I can get started on it, at least; it will be a long time in the making.

It really will be the snuggest blanket ever.

5. This lace jacket in the Blue Heron metallic I splurged on last year at Wonderwool. I have just been looking at the projects in this yarn on Ravelry and it is all I can do not to go and wind the skein and swatch tonight.


6. A snowman jumper using leftover yarn from this project (Rav link) and modelled on a slipover I saw when I went to Iceland last year. Er...the year before (where does the time go?!) It looked like this -

My version will have snowmen around the collar. It is a practice run for....

7. The REAL Icelandic colourwork jumper, knitted in the Lopi I bought on aforementioned trip. In fact, I bought it at the shop where I saw the above jumper. Really, this should neither be difficult nor take long to knit. Having read an excellent article about procrastination last week, though, I wonder if I am avoiding it because I'm afraid I won't make a good job of it.

8. A Myrtle cardigan (Rav link again) out of this gorgeous confection -

Now I'm coming to the end of my first 4-ply cardigan and it hasn't actually taken forever (even though I cast on in August, I have only been working on it properly since the end of February) I am keen as a bean to start the next one.

9. A Matilda Jane cardigan out of this cotton fleece, which I bought from ebay an embarrassingly long time ago for exactly this project -

10. Something that will do this gorgeous yarn justice -

It's Mirasol Miski. I have about 1500 yards of it. I had a lacy hoody queued for it but I am reconsidering, because during this long, cold winter, my most useful garment has been a stripey crew-neck jumper and I feel like I could do with another. Also, I would have to pay $5 for the pattern and I think I might already have enough patterns to not need to do that.

It saddens me that so much beautiful yarn languishes untouched. One day I will have enough time for everything.

Friday 5 April 2013

Crafty Photo Scavenger Hunt: April Topics

Sorry I'm late! I hope you have fun finding things for the topics this month.

Crafty Photo Scavenger Hunt: March

I am so late this month - and I'm hosting, too! My most sincere apologies to all those playing. I realised that I was going to be away until April 1st but just figured I would schedule ahead of time; for some reason that didn't quite work out as planned.

Something I Made

Any excuse to haul out these gorgeous squishy things again -


I would love to say I kept up my one-rose-a-day plan throughout March but that didn't happen. I have been concentrating on finishing a new cardigan instead. However, I did manage to exchange a skein of Cascade that I had bought in the wrong shade of pink, so as soon as I get my winder out again I will be ready to go.



I bit the bullet and ordered three colours of Lion & Lamb from Jimmy Beans this month. I had a coupon. I think I now have enough skeins to complete a sizable pinwheel blanket so I should get started. This colour, Beverly, was my favourite from the order. I took the picture without a flash to try and get the colour right (hence the slightly blurred effect) but I still don't think it has been done justice - it's a real Mediterranean blue.


At the beginning of the month, this was me:


We appointed a new headteacher at school. As a governor, I attended the meeting on Friday night to ratify the decision but had to keep it super-secret until it was confirmed with the successful candidate. I sent this picture to my friend when she texted me for the 7th time asking me to tell! She replied with, "Is it written on that post it note behind you?"



I spent Easter with Jen and her husband and daughter. They keep tropical fish; these big suckers get very animated late at night and come and suck all the algae off of everything. They look pretty beastly to me.

Motif: Numbers

Bit of a stretch, this one (I always worry that my pictures aren't "crafty" enough to properly qualify for this game) but here is an interesting chart that was shared with me at a training event I attended in March. It was very interesting.


It shows the brain activity of a teenager, tracked over 24 hours for a week. The argument of the speaker was that this student had more brain activity while sleeping than he/she did during class, and that too often learning is a passive activity when it should be an active one.

Well, there we are! My topics for April are coming up; thank you for your patience.