Friday 5 April 2013

Crafty Photo Scavenger Hunt: March

I am so late this month - and I'm hosting, too! My most sincere apologies to all those playing. I realised that I was going to be away until April 1st but just figured I would schedule ahead of time; for some reason that didn't quite work out as planned.

Something I Made

Any excuse to haul out these gorgeous squishy things again -


I would love to say I kept up my one-rose-a-day plan throughout March but that didn't happen. I have been concentrating on finishing a new cardigan instead. However, I did manage to exchange a skein of Cascade that I had bought in the wrong shade of pink, so as soon as I get my winder out again I will be ready to go.



I bit the bullet and ordered three colours of Lion & Lamb from Jimmy Beans this month. I had a coupon. I think I now have enough skeins to complete a sizable pinwheel blanket so I should get started. This colour, Beverly, was my favourite from the order. I took the picture without a flash to try and get the colour right (hence the slightly blurred effect) but I still don't think it has been done justice - it's a real Mediterranean blue.


At the beginning of the month, this was me:


We appointed a new headteacher at school. As a governor, I attended the meeting on Friday night to ratify the decision but had to keep it super-secret until it was confirmed with the successful candidate. I sent this picture to my friend when she texted me for the 7th time asking me to tell! She replied with, "Is it written on that post it note behind you?"



I spent Easter with Jen and her husband and daughter. They keep tropical fish; these big suckers get very animated late at night and come and suck all the algae off of everything. They look pretty beastly to me.

Motif: Numbers

Bit of a stretch, this one (I always worry that my pictures aren't "crafty" enough to properly qualify for this game) but here is an interesting chart that was shared with me at a training event I attended in March. It was very interesting.


It shows the brain activity of a teenager, tracked over 24 hours for a week. The argument of the speaker was that this student had more brain activity while sleeping than he/she did during class, and that too often learning is a passive activity when it should be an active one.

Well, there we are! My topics for April are coming up; thank you for your patience.

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Anonymous said...

Loving the vibrant roses and found the quiet picture made me chuckle.
Have fun with the blanket and your new yarn, those colours I adore also at the moment.