Sunday 30 June 2013

June Goals Round Up

I can't even bring myself to copy and paste the list in here. It's just too depressing. I am only posting this so you don't worry that I've dropped dead or something - no, I am still alive, just spectacularly busy. Today I reckon I have marked for about 8 hours. With hindsight, perhaps it was a bad idea to pick up monthly goals again when I have been away for two weekends of the four and up to my eyes in exam board duties when I do make it home. I fear Mr Z has forgotten what I look like.

Onto business. I HAVE finished the shawl - I owe a blog post.I need to take some good pictures first, though.

I have ALMOST finished the pink linen top - I need to do some kind of mystical crochet to it before I can pick up and knit around the bottom edge, so that I don't run out of yarn. Impressed that I've managed to get almost the whole top out of the one cone of linen.

I haven't blogged, or cast on, or cleaned, or tidied.

As for the last three worky things - they are in progress and nearly done.

I miss my life this month! Can't wait for July 13th, which I have pinpointed as the ultimate day off. No work, of any description, and nothing else to do. Bliss. Hopefully I will manage to blog though. I'll never make it to 127 posts this year if I put up such a pathetic showing every month.

Wednesday 5 June 2013

Wednesday WIP

Breeze on a sea air! It's nearly finished!


I have been really motivated to finish this. Firstly, I realised that if I actually, yknow, KNITTED it, it went quite quickly, in spite of the rows being an intimidating 380ish stitches. Secondly, having it sitting in my lap made me realise how warm it would be and how perfect for the plane to the USA this summer. Thirdly - such pretty colours. The phasing is much more gentle than I was anticipating.

I have bound off five scallops now. Thirteen to go. But, of course, marking has just begun....Still, at least there's the train journey to London on Friday.

Sunday 2 June 2013

Goals for June

It's been a while, but I always come back to it! June is going to be BUSY. I am excited but I need to be on my game.

  • Finish knitting blue shawl of joy (8 border rows + 18 edging points left to work).
  • Finish knitting pink linen camisole (just the back left to do).
  • Cast on for new project of some description - possibly another summery top.  I am considering the Nostalgia Top and wondering if I can use short rows to make it A-line....only one way to find out....
  • Blog about Lisbon.
  • Also blog about Edinburgh.
  • Dust and tidy dressing table and side table.
  • Get rid of/file magazines next to bed.
  • Write action plan for school techie project.
  • Plan and record online assembly for techie day at school at end of month.
  • Plan session for history conference in July. 

I feel like there are more things that need adding to this list but it does seem to be getting very long and I might have to leave it at that. Also most of the other things are work related and I am not disposed to give them any more of my time than is necessary at this point.