Sunday 2 June 2013

Goals for June

It's been a while, but I always come back to it! June is going to be BUSY. I am excited but I need to be on my game.

  • Finish knitting blue shawl of joy (8 border rows + 18 edging points left to work).
  • Finish knitting pink linen camisole (just the back left to do).
  • Cast on for new project of some description - possibly another summery top.  I am considering the Nostalgia Top and wondering if I can use short rows to make it A-line....only one way to find out....
  • Blog about Lisbon.
  • Also blog about Edinburgh.
  • Dust and tidy dressing table and side table.
  • Get rid of/file magazines next to bed.
  • Write action plan for school techie project.
  • Plan and record online assembly for techie day at school at end of month.
  • Plan session for history conference in July. 

I feel like there are more things that need adding to this list but it does seem to be getting very long and I might have to leave it at that. Also most of the other things are work related and I am not disposed to give them any more of my time than is necessary at this point.

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