Tuesday 21 February 2012

Tuesday Ten

Ten Things in Eight Minutes

1. In eight minutes it will be 11pm and I may turn into a pumpkin so QUIIIIIICCKK!

2. I have finally been to Pompeii. It was actual awesome. Picture at end of post of me going down the tunnel into the amphitheatre - "Morituri te salutamus!" as we learned in Latin class.

3. I also went to Capri. They are a bit obsessed with lemons. But they make the really good limoncello so that is good.

4. During the trip I discovered how much I enjoy the company of the Travel and Tourism teacher from school, just in time to discover she has an interview tomorrow at a school up north. Bugger. Timing is everything.

5. I got promoted at the exam board. I'll now be in charge of team leaders instead of examiners. This results in a payrise of 3.5% per person I manage. SCORE. It is quite exciting, though.

6. They worked me almost to death, giving me a much larger team than anyone else (8, compared to 5 and 6) and ALL the unscanned scripts to mark. I was spitting, but didn't complain. No point, nobody listens anyway. Now I've been paid and can whack a wedge of the new boiler we had to buy last month, it feels semi worth it.

7. My bezzie got married in Scotland on Saturday and it was a beautiful blue skies and sunshine day, except for a brief moment after the initial flurry of photographs when there was an enormous flurry of snow. She really, really wanted snow. She asked her deceased grandma to send her some...

8. We stayed in an amazing teeny place called St Cuthbert's Barn - this may have a whole post dedicated to it soon.

9. Also I went gorge walking and slid down a natural waterfall in the Brecon Beacons. It was freezing, and when I took my waterproofs off my legs steamed. Hilar.

10. It's 11pm and that is my last fortnight in a very small and very quick nutshell.

Tuesday 7 February 2012

Tuesday Ten

In honour of a trending hashtag on Twitter...
Ten Things I Would Tell My 14-year-old Self

1. Stop using black eyeliner as a brow pencil. Just stop. STOP.

2. Get into a sport now, it'll save time later.

3. Make sure you do that Maths HW on vectors because it will come up on the GCSE and you'll forever kick yourself about it.

4. Stop being so self-righteous about people smoking.

5. Try and be a bit nicer to your brother, eh?

6. While you're about it, spend a bit longer talking to your grandad, because you'll be sorry about this when he's gone. Don't worry, you've got years yet.

7. Don't say mean things about your friends behind their backs. I know everybody else is, but don't follow their bad example.

8. Just try asking him out. Turns out, he's a bit of a creep, so he'll probably say yes.

9. Wear what you like (except black eyeliner on your eyebrows) but OWN IT. In the future we have the phrase, "It's all about the confidence" - it really is.

10. Don't worry (but stay vigilant) - your friends never find your diary. Keep writing it, won't you?