Sunday 30 June 2013

June Goals Round Up

I can't even bring myself to copy and paste the list in here. It's just too depressing. I am only posting this so you don't worry that I've dropped dead or something - no, I am still alive, just spectacularly busy. Today I reckon I have marked for about 8 hours. With hindsight, perhaps it was a bad idea to pick up monthly goals again when I have been away for two weekends of the four and up to my eyes in exam board duties when I do make it home. I fear Mr Z has forgotten what I look like.

Onto business. I HAVE finished the shawl - I owe a blog post.I need to take some good pictures first, though.

I have ALMOST finished the pink linen top - I need to do some kind of mystical crochet to it before I can pick up and knit around the bottom edge, so that I don't run out of yarn. Impressed that I've managed to get almost the whole top out of the one cone of linen.

I haven't blogged, or cast on, or cleaned, or tidied.

As for the last three worky things - they are in progress and nearly done.

I miss my life this month! Can't wait for July 13th, which I have pinpointed as the ultimate day off. No work, of any description, and nothing else to do. Bliss. Hopefully I will manage to blog though. I'll never make it to 127 posts this year if I put up such a pathetic showing every month.

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