Tuesday 9 April 2013

Tuesday Ten

Three years ago I made this post about what I was intending to knit with my stash. It is nice to revisit it every so often; I have done number 2 and number 6 and I'm working on number 3, although a different pattern - I'm saving Myrtle for a different yarn (see below). I gave the yarn for number 7 away to a lady who needed it to finish another project. And in spite of my best intentions, I haven't knitted a single additional pair of Ugg baby booties; the search for which, by the way, probably brings more people to my blog than any other.

Anyway. I am doggedly knitting my way through a From This Day Forward cardigan with the pretty pink yarn from number 3, and I am determined to not start anything else until it is finished, so of course, all I want to do is start new projects. Therefore, it's clearly time for a "Ten things I want to knit" post.

1. A Cheshire Cat jumper, a la Tim Burton -

(I hope it is OK to use this marvellous picture - it's from this website but I didn't want to risk it becoming a dead link.)
We watched Tim Burton's frankly creepy Alice at the weekend and I loved the rendering of the Cheshire Cat in grey and turquoise, rather than the Disney pink and purple. It made a little lightbulb go off in my head, as I recalled I had some turquoise Alpaca DK I bought from UK Rav Day way back in I can't remember and ... hang on ... isn't that grey Knitpicks I have leftover from this cardigan Alpaca DK too? BOOM!
Neither quantity is enough for a whole jumper, but together they will make a stripey garment of wonder. I am just trying to work out how I can also include my turquoise Chinese buttons in there somehow.

2. Watermelon socks. I have the kit. It is awesome. I just need to get started!

3. Fossil t-shirt, in one of the colourways of Damask I hoarded before they discontinued the yarn. I may have rather a lot of this yarn. I'm thinking this one -


If it goes well, I might knit it again with the blue sequinned Jo Sharp yarn I brought back from Australia with me.

4. A Lion & Lamb pinwheel blanket. Ridiculously opulent. I have been collecting blue-tinged yarns from the Jimmy Beans Limited Edition specials for a couple of years now. I have 13 skeins, assuming I'm not giving up all of my all-time-favourite Royal Wedding to the project, which will make me roughly 50 pinwheels. My pinwheel shawl is 10. I figure I can get started on it, at least; it will be a long time in the making.

It really will be the snuggest blanket ever.

5. This lace jacket in the Blue Heron metallic I splurged on last year at Wonderwool. I have just been looking at the projects in this yarn on Ravelry and it is all I can do not to go and wind the skein and swatch tonight.


6. A snowman jumper using leftover yarn from this project (Rav link) and modelled on a slipover I saw when I went to Iceland last year. Er...the year before (where does the time go?!) It looked like this -

My version will have snowmen around the collar. It is a practice run for....

7. The REAL Icelandic colourwork jumper, knitted in the Lopi I bought on aforementioned trip. In fact, I bought it at the shop where I saw the above jumper. Really, this should neither be difficult nor take long to knit. Having read an excellent article about procrastination last week, though, I wonder if I am avoiding it because I'm afraid I won't make a good job of it.

8. A Myrtle cardigan (Rav link again) out of this gorgeous confection -

Now I'm coming to the end of my first 4-ply cardigan and it hasn't actually taken forever (even though I cast on in August, I have only been working on it properly since the end of February) I am keen as a bean to start the next one.

9. A Matilda Jane cardigan out of this cotton fleece, which I bought from ebay an embarrassingly long time ago for exactly this project -

10. Something that will do this gorgeous yarn justice -

It's Mirasol Miski. I have about 1500 yards of it. I had a lacy hoody queued for it but I am reconsidering, because during this long, cold winter, my most useful garment has been a stripey crew-neck jumper and I feel like I could do with another. Also, I would have to pay $5 for the pattern and I think I might already have enough patterns to not need to do that.

It saddens me that so much beautiful yarn languishes untouched. One day I will have enough time for everything.

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