Tuesday 9 March 2010

Tuesday Ten

Ten projects matched with Ten Yarns

When I posted my stash picture, I made the lofty claim that 18 of the pictured yarns were matched with a project. Here, I put my fibre where my mouth is.

1. This
Rowan lace jumper with this pink Superkid by Fleece Artist

2. This Hey Teach! lace cardigan with this Lorna's Laces Worsted in the ltd edn Jimmy Beans February 2010 colourway

3. This Myrtle lace cardigan with this Fyberspates Scrumptious 4ply

(I sense you're sensing a theme here)

4. A lacy shawl, something like this one by Teva Durham (I am looking for a shawl made from lacy medallions sewn together, a la last year's surprise big hit for me, the pinwheel shawl) with this Lorna's Laces Lion & Lamb in the ltd edn Jimmy Beans colourway from sometime in 2008.

5. This Rowan wrap top with this pink Rowan Damask I got for 69p a ball from Kemp's.

(An aside: When I told my knitting group friends that this year I was embracing pink in an attempt to remove the "Obsessed with blue" label from myself, I obviously was not kidding. It's not really that I don't love blue anymore; I just have a lot of blue things now. That said....)

6. This drawstring cowl (the dark yellow one in the third row down) from Vogue Knitting to use for skiing, out of this Colinette Art.

7. Another Versatility (once I have finished the first one, for me), this time for Mother Hand, in this Fleece Artist Scotian Silk.

8. This lace panelled chemise (although I will mod along the lines of last year's Lelah, I expect; at least I will take out the lace panel at the top, for modesty's sake) in this blue Rowan Calmer.

(Although, it is more likely I'll use Paton's Smoothie for this because it's machine washable; but I didn't take a picture of the blue colourway in my big stash recording exercise last month, so let's just say I'm going to use the Calmer.)

9. A baby dress (Pattern to be decided but probably Crumpets) for Jen's baby Abi...well, she's nearly 1 now but still...from this orange Rowan Calmer.

10. Many pairs of Ugg baby bootees in this GGH Velour (which is a good sub for Berocco Suede).

This has been really hard, trying to make this list. I hope you realise the effort I have gone to. I have had to discard the post and write it in Notepad because Blogger keeps messing with the tags, which annoys me enormously. And to make matters worse they're binning FTP publishing as of May 1st so I have to migrate my blog. I am considering looking at a new provider, tbh. It annoys me so much that when I insert a picture, it automatically inserts it at the top of the post and I have to move it to where I want. JUST INSERT IT WHERE THE CURSOR IS!

Anyway, harder than that is realising that, when I said 18 of those stash yarns were matched with a project, that's obviously not strictly true because otherwise this post would have been a doddle. I think it's fairer to say I have ideas for several of the other yarns, if not concrete patterns; so, the Rowan Silk Aran is going to become some sort of stripy summer top. Others are different again: the Rowan Denim, for example, will become an Indigo Ripples, at some point when I feel my body shape can cope with a knitted skirt.

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