Monday 22 March 2010

Weekend FO

Oh yeah.

Luke's garter stitch baby sweater

Pattern: Debbie Bliss Garter Switch Sweater
Needle: 3.75mm, 4mm
Yarn: Rowan All Seasons Cotton, every scrap of 3 balls
Mods: I knitted the sleeves in the round. I skipped two rows on the collar because I ran out of yarn....I know I have a 4th ball around here somewhere but I can't find it anywhere!

My oldest friend Alison and her husband Andrew just had their first baby in November, and this weekend was his christening. I had intended to knit this to send in my place, which is why I picked it - it is a 2-3 day knit, tops. But then Ravelympics came along, and a shedload of work, and things went wrong like losing a DPN and not having the pattern, so in the end it took 6 weeks to finish and will be late. Love the pattern though, and the yarn.

Cabled Beaded Wristwarmers 2

Pattern: My own. Test knit for this pattern book we're doing at knitting group.
Needle: 5.5mm DPNs
Yarn: Rowan Kid Classic, about half a ball.

The beads are loosely laid out in a Union Jack pattern, if you can see it. I didn't photograph them very well and they were a gift for Hannah's friend, so I can't do them again. I was a bit disappointed with myself because I misread my own damn pattern and missed a row between cables, and I swear one came out longer than the other, but no matter. I attached the beads to this one using a .75mm crochet hook instead of stringing them beforehand, which was a huge PITA but they sit very straight and I like the effect....which is a shame. I think it was only such a problem because the Kid Classic is quite splitty. However, the cream colourway has a lovely soft fuzziness to it.

The Shirley sweater is also going well....

Just have to add the neck scarf now. This cannot be skipped because it is obscenely low cut at present.

It was one relaxing weekend. We did a little shopping in Wells....

And, apart from some Clarks Villaging on the way home, that was it, bar the knitting. Fab.

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