Friday 26 March 2010

Fave Friday

Five Favourite Things About Today

1. My enthusiastic year 7 class, who modelled the south east Asian subduction zone for me today - some out of CAKE! With blue icing to show the tsunami from 2004. They were so enthusiastic, it was a pleasure to teach them.

2. SKI TRIP HOODIES! Arrived super quick and are this gorgeous purple colour this year....

Oh man, I'm such a loser sometimes. I do love it, though. Me and the other ski teachers are all cliquey and call ourselves the UNSC, and we have it under our names this year.

3. Made it to Geology class for the first time in 3 weeks and did some rubbings of fossils. Awesome.

4. Catching up on True Blood. I have two episodes to watch before the new one is on tonight (and this is season 2, because I refuse to download and spoil it for myself). I think, if I could choose to be from anywhere, it might be from the deep south - not because I want to live in that sticky atmosphere, but because I wish I could speak convincingly in that accent without sounding like an eejit.

5. My favourite year 10 pupil scored one mark off an A* in his mock exam, and he is target grade B - I am so proud of him! And my year 11s if we're talking about it: they worked in silence for an hour this morning on a mock exam and then I fed them cookies in their afternoon lesson and we marked it. They are a great class.

Now I get to not think about school for at least 24 hours, though. Lunch tomorrow with my ladies at Yo! Sushi and then some shopping, including a medical kit for skiing and all the Lush stuff I like to take with me. I am stupidly excited about skiing, even more so after looking at the webcams today and seeing a white out at the top of the mountain. It's going to be amazing! Eight days to go!

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