Wednesday 17 March 2010

Fame at last

I injured my knee for this! (it's only there for this week apparently so have a squizz now).

And you can see when I did it too....when we slide on the crash mat and I am just peeping over the edge. That is because I missed the mat, and at that point I was trying not to throw up from the knee pain.

My hairography is quite good, though. I love that they slowed it down, v funny. We decided at this weekend's Murder Mystery that we should have a staff dance company at school and apparently it's going to be launched after the Easter break, so I will get to show off my coughcough killer moves on a regular basis.

Work is not fun. I was so tired by yesterday morning that when I saw I was on yet another register cover and also found a big bunch of fleurs and a card from my amazing Murder Mystery colleagues I actually lost it and had to take 20 minutes in an empty office to compose myself for the day. So I am having work-free nights for this week. I am fed up with work. Knitting weekend this weekend, yey. I might finally get to finish the Ravelympics jumper.

Also 2 weeks to skiing woo hoo! And the knee seems healed.

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