Monday 9 April 2007


Following my house cleaning yesterday, I got looking at some old pictures and spent a couple of hours last night putting all the teacher-related ones into an album (yes, that's right, that was the couple of hours I should have spent doing my schoolwork). In the course of this, I realised I am missing the photographs I took at our wedding last year - I had Salcam which came everywhere with me and I got some really fun pictures with it.

A concerted rummage until nearly 3am did not reveal them, and so this evening, having ascertained they're not in the special hidden compartment in my car, I searched much of the rest of the house. They are not here. Boo. Mr Z, still off playing pirates, told me they are here somewhere, but I am certain they are not. I am hoping they turn up in the boot of my car - I mean, who WOULDN'T keep their photographs in the boot of their car?

Anyway, in the course of all this rummaging I found several other things I had lost, including my tutor group's year 9 class picture, the Prince of Persia CD Mr Z spent hours looking for a couple of months ago (in one of my boxes of "stuff"...oops) and the CD of photographs from the first year 11 ball I attended, which included this cracker of myself and Caroline, an art teacher who joined as an NQT the same year I did. This photograph went up on the staffroom wall after the ball, as revenge for me sticking up the one of one of the PE teachers in his pants, drying his jeans under the hand dryer at the Christmas party. We were singing "Summer Nights" and I had just flung my arms out with such vigour, I'd knocked Caroline's roll-up right out of her hand - and this after she'd rolled me the one I was holding. Good times.

It's been a gorgeous day today. I donned a boob tube and one of my new linen skirts and sat in the garden, and I think I am a bit brown. Work on Ester has continued apace - I finished the ribbing today, so keen was I to get onto the cabling (I despise ribbing, even relatively inoffensive 2x1 ribbing like this). I think it looks good! Mmmmm, crossing cables....(I made it very little but if you click on it, it gets bigger. Ain't technology grand?)

Still haven't done any schoolwork. I honestly thought about it very seriously today, but decided to clear off my desk and watch Grey's Anatomy instead.

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