Sunday 6 May 2007

Rainy May Day

What a surprise! It is raining. I spent the weekend in Hastings with Sam, and it was so overcast and windy that I couldn't even go in the sea :-( I wanted to go cycling tomorrow, since Amaryah (colleague at school) leant me her bike, and I want to see how long it takes to cycle to Keynsham, the local train station. They have started to do an hourly service to school now, and if it's cyclable it might be a good alternative for when the clutch goes on my car (I fear this is imminent). Of course, the return train journey costs £4 a day more than the petrol, but still.

Maybe it will be nice enough for the bike ride. Otherwise I'll be sat inside all day, ignoring my piles of work, and Ester, which is now over 200 stitches wide and takes me half an hour per row and therefore I have now lost interest. I have such a poor attention span. I even just zoned out on this entry for a few minutes.

I have spent 2 days filling my body with junk food and alcohol and smoking more cigarettes than I have in the past 2 months (I managed to quit for nearly a whole month...). Consequently I feel pretty rough right now. I might go to bed and read a fitness magazine as penance.

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