Sunday 9 November 2008

Some finished hats

After ignoring the Hat project for the entire half term, I got right back on that wagon during a trip to Prague with school this week and have managed to finish three and start a fourth this weekend. I have now knitted six in rasta colours and two more, both of which look like confections - one so much like a cake even Mr Z commented on it.

On the left is a strawberry flavoured effort for Bryony W, and on the right, some sort of lemon puff for Sharon. Sharon's friend Tash wants the same hat in reverse colours. I'm not sure of the morality of knitting a pink hat for a ginger kid, but that's what she wants.

I didn't take my knitting onto the plane with me, since Easyjet clearly state no knitting needles, and while I might have smuggled some wooden ones on, I was afraid I might be forcibly removed from the actual plane once I broke them out, so instead I took one of the new Eee PCs I've bought for the G&T department at school (so very proud of my fund-raising abilities - we managed to buy 10!) and an SD card full of episodes of Big Love (now loving Chloe Sevigny) and a book I couldn't put down, and amused myself with those instead. Then we noticed that Richard's Sunday paper had an advert for the new diploma in it, and the pictures were of our kids. In fact, one of them is one of my tutees - a future recipient of a rasta hat. What's ironic about this is that he isn't doing the diploma, and in fact was a year too old to opt for it.

Prague was amazing, though my ankles are still swollen from all the walking. Prague will be a post in itself, when I have sorted out the pictures. Henry came home yesterday, it was ALMOST worth it just for the amazing clean they gave him, inside and out. I never manage anything close to that with my hoover. He also has a nice clean tailgate, devoid of rust. Must remember not to slam the boot with the keys dangling out of the lock anymore. The MOT was considerably cheaper than expected, which is just as well, considering the small fortune I handed over for garnet jewellery whilst on holiday.

I'm such a sucker for sparkly things.

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