Tuesday 13 January 2009

2008 - A Knitting Review

Hmmm. I like blue, don't I?

In 2008...
  • I finished my first sweater - the Central Park Hoody.
  • I knitted 24 hats, and gave 23 of them away.
  • I caught the bug for viral knitting, and completed a Clapotis, a pair of Saartje's booties and the Drops Swing Jacket.
  • I thrummed for the first time and made mittens.
  • I cabled a pair of wrist warmers.
  • I knitted a pair of earrings with wire and beads, on the day the pattern was published (3rd project on Ravelry, and one was the designer's!)
  • I finished two scarves - one skinny, which took months; one chunky, which was started and finished on Christmas day.
  • I knitted a corset top out of soy silk - favourite FO ever.
  • I knitted a shawl, from one skein of LE Lion & Lamb.
  • I STARTED a bag, my first attempt at lace with a mohair cardi, a digestive system for the science department and a scarf for Mr Z - which all lie languishing in the UFO pile.
I am quite disappointed I didn't even manage to knit one bag, in spite of joining the Knittabaggamonth group, but I'm pleased I managed three full sized garments. I've put a moratorium on knitting garments for the moment, since I am doing quite well with the old weight loss thing and I don't want to end up wasting yarn on something I won't be able to wear for longer than a few months.

That said, I cast on for a fishtail lace boob tube yesterday (no pattern link - it appears I was just in time because the link is dead!) I am knitting it from allhemp6, with a halter instead of a straight edge, and I hope to have it finished by my holiday in a month...we'll see. The hemp's quite hard on the hands and it's looking a bit crazy right now, but hopefully after 3 repeats of the lace pattern it will start to take shape; and a good blocking should get it looking shipshape. I am knitting to a different gauge and at 2 inches negative ease, so I am really crossing my fingers!

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