Friday 4 December 2009

Fave Friday

Five Favourite Things About This Week

1. My vest and knitted scarf collection. The time has come for a nice cosy vest under whatever I'm wearing, and a big thick scarf wrapped round my neck. Lion & Lamb really has come into its own this week, as have the thrummed mittens I made last year (and then had to rescue after I stupidly took them dry skiing). And the new green hat.

2. Little coursework surprises from my naughtiest year 11s. I love it when they turn up, looking all proud of themselves, and give me their late essays.

3. Sour Strawbs. Having recently discovered Haribo Strawbs, I found a sour version in the (fantastically overpriced) garage local to work. They were worth the money. Not quite as sour as Malaysian sour Skittles - which apparently made a PE teacher cry, the mouth of one of the Malaysia trippers go numb for several hours, and Father Z's face fold in on itself, so sour are they - but a good level of mouthwatering regardless.

4. The Hairspray Soundtrack. As I trudged across the sodden field in the icy wind on break duty yesterday, chasing off smokers, it was the only thing that kept me from crying with exhaustion and self-pity.

5. Henry getting his death rattle fixed. I might be over-optimistic about this, because I am still at work, waiting for Vicky to get back from a school trip and drive me home - but he certainly went in this morning to have fixed the scary rattling which sounds every time the clutch is depressed, and I haven't had any phone calls saying he won't be back today. None too soon, either, since the clutch had started to grate yesterday. I had another tense drive home. I hope it was caused by the original problem, and the clutch isn't finally going. I have a tax bill and Christmas to pay for this month!

A NOT favourite thing this week is discovering Scattergories is out of print, or whatever you call it when a game is discontinued. The US version is still out there but has difficult categories like "US State Capitals" on it. I have developed a minor obsession with this game, since it's absolutely perfect for keeping at school for 5 minutes of downtime (ie, parents evenings) and everybody enjoys it. We use John & Lou's set (they come skiing and brought it for the bus and we really annoyed the teachers from the other school by playing it loudly for most of the daylight hours we were travelling) but I have set my heart on owning one for myself.

I have been looking around but second hand sets are going for crazy money - nearly £50 for a 21 sided dice, a crappy timer and a few cards? No thanks. I love it so much, though.....I will craftily hit up the charity shops tomorrow, but then probably frantically bid on ebay.

And, if I'm true to form, I will win, pay nearly £50, play it half a dozen times this month and then put it in the cupboard with Cranium, Monopoly and the other games I bought and never play.

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