Friday 2 April 2010

Fave Friday

Favourite Lush Products For Skiing
The annual pre-skiing Lush shop is one of my favourite rituals. Unlike other holidays when I decant and cut up and use up anything that has been hanging around, I buy all new Lush for skiing because it makes such a huge difference to my skin and therefore my whole holiday experience. I usually pick up a couple of new things to try but I also have my staples, to wit...

1. King of Skin
I love this product at the best of times but it really comes into its own on skiing. I use it after my morning shower and I only give it a cursory rinse off, to keep my skin moisturised all day. So, by the end of the week my salopettes smell of it quite strongly!

2. Ultralight moisturiser
I thought this was discontinued but happily not. It used to be their only moisturiser that had SPF in it, and I bought it for my ski trip inspection visit in 2006, so the smell is just all skiing for me. It is rich enough to look after my poor wind burned cheeks at the end of the day but not greasy.
Last year, I bought a tub and started smearing it over my face at the end of the first day, only to realise (too late) that I had bought Ultrabland by accident, which is a cleanser. Doh! Gutted. Now they sell it in a bottle, it's much more difficult to get them mixed up.

3. Wiccy Magic Muscles
Perfect for the end of the day! I use this one after my afternoon shower, on my legs, to take away some of the inevitable muscle ache. I am not mad keen on the smell, but it really works and the aduki beans make it an especially good massage tool.

4. Ocean Salt
Another one that's excellent for the end of the day. I layer on so much sun cream throughout the day because I am desperate to avoid panda eyes, and when this mixes with sweat and other gunk my skin feels suffocated by the end of the day. I like to use just a very little as soon as I get back to the hotel to remove most of the crap, and then I use more in the shower (over Babyface, of course) to get rid of anything leftover.

5. Toner spray
I don't have a favourite but I have bought Eau Roma Water this year because it is supposed to be quite soothing. This comes into its own on the stuffy coach and at lunch time on sunny days when everybody's hot and sweaty and needs something cooling in their face. Totally better than a snowball in the face.

This year I am also trying a new face serum, Full of Grace, which looks like it will be good to put on overnight for extra moisture. The weather reports suggest the week will be cold and the weather changeable - at the moment it says to expect 25cm of snow next Thursday! So I'm going to need all the help I can get. And for the first time ever, I might need to wear my thermals.

I am incredibly excited! Look!

Last year, this ski run back into town was mud past the bottom of the white building on the right, but it's been much colder and snowier this year.
And lookie!

This is the top of the nursery slope, taken a few minutes ago on the webcam. In the top right corner is the 4 man chair we come up first thing every morning. We intend to hang out in full view of the webcame first thing - between 9 and 10am Italian time - so check in and see if you can spot any of us! This year I have grey salopettes and a bright pink jacket. And the ski headwear, natch.

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