Tuesday 22 March 2011

I'm still here

I was going to have to do a Tuesday Ten on why I love my job but then I realised, it's been less than two months since the last time I did that. Work is not a happy place at the moment. Ten reasons why work is not a happy place at the moment...

1. RUBBISH ski company, cancelling my ski course at three weeks' notice. That's the ski course I have been going to personal training to ensure I am fit enough to complete, since September.

2. RUBBISH ski company, telling me they are behind on all my trip paperwork because they have someone on long term sick. We leave two weeks on Friday. I don't even know what time we get back yet. I understand long term sick is a problem, but unfortunately, it is not MY problem. I do not have time for this problem.

(I think RUBBISH ski company will have to provide an awesome incentive if they want my booking next year).

3. Governor shizzle. So secret, I can't tell anyone at work. I hate the pressure. I'm constantly worried I'm going to blurt it out.

4. The possible upshots of all the governor shizz, and worrying about them.

5. People who are ungrateful for the huge amounts of work I put in on their behalf.

6. People who expect me to be able to work miracles, over things that are NOT EVEN MY JOB.

7. A2 students who expect me to spoon feed them their coursework and look shocked when they turn up for class, without completing their assignment (that's zero for nine, people) and I don't think it's really funny.

8. ...and then have the audacity to ask me if the coursework deadlines are always so tight. DO. YOUR. HOME. STUDY. Then it won't be so tight. Also, don't ever question my methods. I have two degrees and years of experience. I was so good at coursework at uni, that my professors let me write a second dissertation instead of attending a taught unit in my final year. You can't even remember to bring a pen to class half the time. I know who most people's money would be on.

9. Having the additional pressure of trying to prove I am worthy of a meaningless label, in three weeks or less.

10. There is too much to do. I haven't blogged in nearly a month! Rubbish.

Nice knitting weekend away this weekend though, and thank goodness for that. I have almost forgotten how to knit.

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