Wednesday 27 July 2011

Wednesday Beauty: Bristol Pedicure Review #1

I like a good pedicure, but I'm afraid I've been a little bit spoiled by having them done in the States where they truly know how to tackle the foot. I remember once getting a pedicure in Vegas from a teeny Asian woman who spent the entire appointment chatting on her mobile phone as she shaved my feet with an actual blade. Scary, but very effective.

Unfortunately, I have found that pedicures in this country seem to compose of a foot wash, a half-hearted go with some sort of giant emery board, and a coat of polish. I am making it my mission, therefore, to find a decent pedicure in Bristol; and I will review them here, as I try them.

I had the first one on Monday.

Place: The Beauty Box, Clifton Down Shopping Centre
Price: £41 - this was for a three week gel pedicure, which on its own was £31 - I paid an extra £10 for the foot treatment
Time: About 70 minutes

The first thing I have to say about this is - don't wear a skirt. The treatment takes place on a treatment bed and I had to awkwardly angle my feet into a bowl of water, and then sit with my knees up for the entire appointment. This was quite uncomfortable by the end of it.

The therapist (after giving me a towel to go over my knees and protect my dignity) had a good go at my feet with a foot file but then didn't use any kind of moisturiser or anything on them, which I thought was a bit odd. She then sorted out my cuticles and filed my toenails into a decent and even shape. They had a good range of colours for the gel polish and she applied enough coats to get an opaque finish, even managing to sort out my bizarre pointy little toenails so they don't look deformed.

My feet still feel quite smooth but I was off out to dinner afterwards and they were a bit scaly and dry-looking, due to the lack of moisturiser; and I had the sore coccyx thanks to the seating position.

I would, however, have this pedicure again, but I would ask for some foot moisturiser, and if I could begin the appointment seated in the chair for the exfoliation and foot file, and then transfer to the treatment bed for the nails.

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