Tuesday 24 April 2012

Tuesday Ten

Ten Things I Have Learned Recently

1. The phrase "Hoist with my own petard". It means injuring onself with a device you intended to use to injure others.

2. That students LOVE finding out new facts if they are presented as QR codes, even if the facts are not especially riveting,

3. My calm acceptance of people's resistance to new technology may be something I have developed over time. I wonder if the people saying, "I don't see the point in the Kindle - what's wrong with a real book?" are the descendants of the people saying, "I don't need a modem" or "What's the point of email? I can just write a letter" or "I will never need a mobile phone" in 1998. I don't argue with people when they reject technology these days; sooner or later technology will win them round.

4. My hair really appreciates good shampoo. I really didn't think shampoo made that much difference.

5. Green Monsters may not taste very nice but they do give me lots more energy. May have actually gagged on this morning's version though. Note to self: must be made fresh daily, as the spinach flavour develops when left overnight.

6. My book is available for pre-order. I am extraordinarily proud of myself, even though it's not all done and dusted quite yet.

7. I can knit fast when I want to, and it's aran weight yarn. I am a button band away from finishing a stripey cardigan.

8. Good CPD can be as refreshing as a summer holiday. We had some inspirational inset before the Easter holidays and I feel like I am starting a whole new school year. There aren't enough hours in the day for me to complete all the work I want to. Also I was filled with the urge to shop in the last week of the Easter holidays.

9. Plagiarism is sadly not limited to sixth form students. A year 9 turned in a book review this week - late - that he'd lifted verbatim from a website. He tried to tell me he didn't know what all the words meant as he'd used a thesaurus. I think some kids think they invented the internet (they certainly think they invented Twitter) and that no adult is going to be able to Google search for something in quotes. Derbrains.

10. Steps is every bit as good today in concert as they were in 2000, though I can't quite pull off the same look I rocked back then, even with much more expensive make up at my disposal. (I have got one hip deliberately stuck out here. I'm not deformed/8 months pregnant).

I can still drink a pint of cider like a good 'un though. Some skills, you just never lose.

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