Tuesday 14 May 2013

Tuesday Ten

Ten Thoughts of the Moment

1. I resent not having enough time to knit all the things I want to knit. I mean, more than usual. I have about a dozen projects I want to cast on immediately so it's not just work getting in the way - it's the knitting I am currently doing! Must. Knit. Faster.

2. I've started getting up half an hour earlier and trying to get to work for 7.15ish, which is usually the time I leave. I am way more productive first thing in the morning and it makes me go to bed at a reasonable time.

3. When I do go in at the normal time, though, I get REALLY annoyed by the traffic.  There isn't any traffic at 6.30.

4. I've given up on the idea of getting a new job for September; of the jobs that have been advertised there have only been two that I had any interest in, and I had an interview for one and didn't much like it. I was disappointed when I wasn't offered the job, but only in my own performance. And it was my first application and first interview in 10 years so it was probably a good idea to get back in the saddle.

5. I've now started to get quite excited about the new school year. New head - I was on one of the interview panels for him at the end of February, which was really interesting. New responsibilities, because my TLR has been scrapped so they have to give me some duties to earn my protected salary.

6. I successfully gave up suagr for Lent. It was interesting; I was eating fruit and had some things with sugar in, like baked beans, but on the whole it wasn't too difficult and I felt a lot better for it. It has made me a lot more thoughtful about the sugar I eat now. I try and save myself for the really tasty things.

7. This is not always successful.

8. This time in two weeks I'll be in sunny Lisbon with my work friend Tutty! We were a bit horrified to discover how many hills there are there, but it will be just the ticket after this very long term.

9. ...and this time in three months I'll be camping on the California coast with Mr Z. Feeling very lucky to have so many wonderful things to look forward to.

10. They don't half eat into my knitting time, though.

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