Sunday 18 January 2015

Weekend WIP

I've been working on my Lopi this weekend, which I cast on in November but which remained at 2 rows until the start of January.

You may applaud me for my progress since the start of the year but I wouldn't really deserve it, since this was my progress as of last weekend -

The body knitted up super-quick, mainly because for the first week of term I was pig headed about school work in the evenings (ie, not doing any - I'm not 100% well so I am trying to look after myself to see off this nasty cough that's been hanging around, though it's still with me) and because knitting st-st on bulky yarn is never going to take a long time.

Then when I got to the colourwork I sort of lost heart and didn't touch it all week. It's terribly bulky because I foolishly used 4 colours on some rows, which is a lot to carry around. I manned up yesterday at knitting group and carried on, untangling every half a row or so, and then realised it was going to come out much too tall and had to adjust my chart. Originally I had charted it for a double wave but I'm going to have to be satisfied with a single, at least for this garment - heaven knows I've enough yarn left over for another. I'm only just into the fourth skein of navy.

I am very pleased with the shaping, at least - I added vertical bust darts for the first time and they've come out really well. I had hoped to get it finished today but, alas, work had to take precedence. I can't dodge it all the time, sadly.

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