Thursday 3 March 2016

Throwback Thursday

I had coffee with an old work colleague today, Amanda. She is a very inspiring and wonderful lady. She is still running the Malaysia trip which I did a few years ago. OK, seven years ago, OK? I can't believe it either.

It got me looking at some pictures though.

First, 2009 in KL, outside the Petronas Towers.

Then, 2010, on the beach we went to for the weekend at the end of the trip. This place was idyllic. The outward bound teacher from our host school took us on a surprise trek through the jungle - a risk assessment nightmare, muddy and uneven; all the students were in unsuitable footwear, including me. It was 20 minutes of slip-sliding panic. But then we ended up here. The only people nearby were at the end of the beach rock climbing on the cliff. Just, bliss.

I have a feeling I've shared this before. It's a really happy memory.

Tutt and I have just booked our summer holiday to Vietnam. I'm looking forward to going back to Asia.

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