Tuesday 20 September 2016

Tuesday Ten

Carole asks for five best of the summer and five best coming up.

1. Crawled through the Cu Chi tunnels in Vietnam. Flipping terrifying: probably the closest to a panic attack I have ever got; made no better by the guide pointing out they were 40% bigger than they had been during the Vietnam war. Faced the fear, did it anyway.

2. Great 10th wedding anniversary with Mr Z in Italy. I really love this spot.

3. Stayed in the most luxurious hotel I have ever come across. That private pool. Those daily spa treatments, included in the price. That sunken bath. No, I won't stop going on about it for some time yet.

(Feeling very fortunate: it is hard to pick because there were so many good bits)

4. Drove a right hand drive on the wrong side of the road in France. Not as scary as I thought it was going to be.

5. My book finally got published. Copies were waiting for me when I got back from holiday. Really proud of myself, and overjoyed that the source I put in that was a quote from Nanny Hand made it through the editing. She is immortalised in print!

Five coming up...

1. I'll start my new exam job soon. Really excited to get started. I got my new teaching job six months to the day before I started and it felt like an interminable wait; I got the new exam job even earlier and we won't start until October at the earliest. Hurry up!

2. Bit of glamping with Jen and her family in Devizes over half term. I am going to bravely take her daughters out for the day to give her a bit of a break. Not alone, don't worry - I've roped in someone with mum experience.

3. Maybe a short trip somewhere at the end of the holiday. I keep thinking about Spain, and the Brecons. Very, very different.

4. Hauling out all of the warm, wintry clothes. I need a wardrobe overhaul now I am bussing it to work: more tights, more cardigans. Better get knitting (cardigans, not tights).

5. Is it too early to say Christmas? Get to spend it at home this year. I was thinking of heading to Vegas but maybe next year. I think I will need a rest.

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