Monday 21 August 2017

Scenes from the Classroom #31

I think all teachers will be familiar with the back-to-school nightmares that start to crop up at some point in the summer holidays. Mine have been of varied vividity; the two from years past that have stayed with me are arriving to find I hadn't ordered any exercise books, and the classic from 2014, of going in on the first day to find the wall between my classroom and the one next door had been removed - this was literally the case when I went into my new classroom in 2016. Luckily it is a folding wall.

Last night, however, I think I hit bingo on the back-to-school dreams. All the negative bits were in there, all rolled into one. I was significantly late. I was inappropriately dressed, and had to change in the head's office, while he was in there, and I'd forgotten to bring any undergarments. I hadn't prepared anything for my teaching day. I had forgotten my laptop. I had forgotten I had an extra hour of form time. The colleagues that usually help me out were away. When I got to my form room, I found my form was now around 50 students. Three members of the senior team were there to observe, and some of the students had brought their parents.

I woke up, heaved a sight of relief, took the hint, packed my school bag and went to work for the day. Well, I have now been off for six weeks, so it's not surprising my subconscious is confused about why I'm still in bed at 8am on a weekday.

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