Saturday 24 March 2018

Weeknote: 24/3

This week I have been mostly...

No. I haven't done any knitting. I have been busy prepping for the ski trip, for which I leave later today.

I did knock up a Wonderwoman outfit for skiing, though. I managed to find some craft foam and a reddish top enormous enough to go over my ski jacket. And I've got my new backpack to finish it off.

Going to: 
I started the week in London, at another exam board meeting. It was one of those slightly painful meetings where we didn't really solve any of our problems, but just came to a realisation about what problems needed solving. I'm trying not to be worried about the summer series but...

I went to see Matthew Bourne's Cinderella with Parpy Jo, Paul and Paul's housemate on Wednesday. We had front row upper balcony seats, so a very good view.

On Thursday, I had dinner with my old university housemate, Emilia. We haven't seen each other since 2012 and she now has a 5 year old son. She's extremely academic and I usually end up having to look things up after we've had dinner, which is sort of nice.

Entertained by:
The ballet was really very good. It was Cinderella, set in the Blitz. The costumes were all in monochrome, so it had this soft-focus, wartime romance film feel to it. In fact, there were lots of little flourishes in that vein - Ginger Rogersesque flicks of the hands, a nod to the beach scene in From Here To Eternity (I thought). The stepmother was particularly good.

The bird feeder has had a lot of visitors this week. Today there was a group of goldfinches dominating the seed feeder. Not a great picture, but at one point there were three together.

I've been re-reading Annie Proulx's short stories, Fine Just The Way It Is, and enjoying rediscovering those.

Soooooo excited about skiing! Leaving in two hours!

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