Wednesday 26 September 2018

Scenes from the Classroom #35

I published another book in the summer holidays. This one was about teaching and I wrote it all by myself - hence the dearth of blog posts at the start of the year. It's weird seeing it in print and even weirder when people talk to me about it. A picture of it made it onto the head's opening slide for the year, alongside announcements of two engagements and a birth. I did chuckle.

The students don't know about it, other than my year 13s, who I happened to be teaching the day I discovered it was on Amazon, but today my year 10 class were asking about the textbook they're working from (which I also wrote) and I couldn't resist showing them the new one on the board. I let them flick through my copy and they were wildly excited to see excerpts from my lesson slides and pictures of tasks completed similar to the ones they do. 'PAPER PEOPLE! THERE ARE PAPER PEOPLE IN HERE!!' Er, yes, it is a book about how I teach you's not that surprising.

The nicest bit though was when one of them said, 'Miss, I hope you realise we are incredibly proud of you,' and the whole class burst into applause. So lovely. I didn't know where to put myself.

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