Sunday 20 January 2019

January Goals

I know it is January 20th. It's very late for goal setting. However, I was reminiscing about years gone by when I used to make a little goal list at the start of each month and then review it at the end, and how motivating I found it. In my current mood of Getting Things Done, I have made the mental list I've been considering all year something solid.

I've split it, this month.

1. Finish the lesson planning job (eight to go. I should be doing that instead of this, you know...I'm two weeks past my deadline).
2. Write the worksheets to go with the lesson plans (around 60 in total. That is six per day).
3. Write the exam papers - 1, 3 and 4.
4. Book all my meeting accommodations for the summer.
5. Apply for the fellowship I've had my eye on.
6. School marking - sixth form mocks, 12H, 12P and 13H. The official deadline for these isn't until the first week of Feb, which I find is not helpful. I want them done. I've had them for over a week now.

1. Get the floor man round to measure up the hall/stairs/landing for new flooring.
2. Choose new flooring and stair carpet.
3. Put away the clothes I took on holiday.
4. Put away all the clothes over the banister.
5. Finish knitting Westbourne.
6. Wash the kitchen floor.
7. Finish reading a book. I have about three that I'm halfway through - any one of those would be fine.
8. Do two exercise sessions apart from seeing Jenny.

I am not sure I will get all 14 things done, but I'm going to give it a good go. Luckily I have a PGCE student now so I am about 10 lessons light in the timetable. The knock on effect of this should be considerable. Feeling determined. Grrrr!

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