Sunday 25 August 2019

Weekend FO

I'm cheating a bit on this one because it's not a knitted FO. This afternoon, Mr Z and I finally put together the massive hutch I bought for the bunnies last month. Said hutch arrived damaged, so we had to wait for the new part to ship from Germany to fix it (the vendor tried to provide me a 20% refund instead, so I contacted the manufacturer, who said the part was available but had to come out via a business, so I had to ask the vendor to order it....such a faff).

Firstly, it is a relief to get it out of the house. We're having some furniture constructed around the stairs so everything from under the stairs is currently piled in the living room, and with the boxes too, it was starting to feel like a hoarder house. I find such environments quite stressful.

Secondly, I think they like it.

We managed to train them to use the ramp already - this took Naus, our old rabbit, several months to understand, but we managed to get Cromwell (the black one, almost out of sight) to understand its purpose by putting him in the top hutch and leaving a trail of dandelions down it. Once he got it, he taught Earl. So, that's good. They're probably not quite old enough yet to stay out in it all the time, but the day is approaching. Soon, the living room floor will no longer be strewn with hay.

They're exceptional cuties.

This was them on my birthday, three weeks ago - they're growing very quickly. 

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