Thursday 24 October 2019

Three on Thursday

We broke up for half term today. I don't know why we only had a 4 day week and I'm sorry for those of you who don't, but I am so relieved. This is always the holiday I need the most; it's not as bad as last year but I have still limped into it. One of my A-level students is applying to Oxbridge for History - a first for me - and asked me to read a mock Oxbridge exam she'd written today. I wasn't even sure I understood the task myself. Definitely not something to do on the dog day of term.

Here are three things I'm excited about for half term:

1. Hampton Court visit to see the Bacton Altar Cloth. This is most likely the only remaining piece of any Tudor royal garment. It was probably Elizabeth I's dress and maybe the one she wore in the famous rainbow portrait. It was found in a small Welsh Church about two years ago and I have been waiting for the restoration to happen so I can go and see it. FINALLY it is time. Sib has made noises about coming to Hampton Court with me; I hope he'll be happy to stand staring at a piece of old cloth for roughly an hour.

2. Having a beer with a new History teacher friend. We met a couple of years ago at a work thing before she moved to a school in a neighbouring county, and she recently got in touch about catching up and talking history and things. I'm keen.

3. It's simple - lounging. All the lounging. In fact, I'm going to bed right now. I've had two worky weekends on the trot and I am in sore need of a listless day that begins with an extended period in bed. Tomorrow is that day. I can disassemble the floordrobe and maybe even tidy the house a bit. Exciting times.

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