Monday 4 October 2021

September round up

Books read: I managed one and a half. I finished A Most Peculiar Malaysian Murder by Shamini Flint and am halfway through a Rankin's Rebus I haven't read. I introduced Mother Hand to Rankin's Rebus when I found them in the library in Las Vegas and so every time she has another, she passes it on. I have a big stack. She will be pleased that I'm making a start. 

Metres knitted: I think around 500m. I am 14 inches into a linen Tegna. I'm bored with it, but must finish. The lace around the bottom took ages and it would be a crying shame if it was never blocked and made to look nice. 

Sleep: I've been trying, honestly. I've been going to bed as early as I can on as many nights as I can. It's a bit better than term time usually is at this end of the year. 

Pounds lost: None. went up by 4 and then down by 4. Weird. 

I thought I would blog some more in September, but tbf, it was September. Always a busy month. I have not had the usual re-marks to do but there have been appeals against the summer grades: a new process to learn and, although there weren't that many, they were time consuming. 

I might be counting down to half term, yes, what of it?

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