Sunday 28 May 2023

Wonderwool 2023

Predictably late again. Lots of things have been happening this year and I have had such high hopes for documenting my little trips away and other adventures but, here we are, almost halfway through the year and you know I'm about to enter my busy period, so I guess we will just move on. 

Wonderwool weekend was as lovely as ever. I was much in need of some respite and even considered having a day to myself in the bunkhouse on the Saturday, though in the end I got a very early night and felt recharged enough for a wander, albeit a short one: the Saturday felt even busier than ever before, thanks probably to the quieter crowd last year due to ongoing covid restrictions. 

I also had a slow start to the yarn-buying, spending much of Saturday shopping for purchases for Emma instead. I made up for that on Sunday, though managed to hold off on buying sweater quantities of anything, which was a definite win. 

Some lightly padded project bags from Soft Accents

A kit to make a child's cardigan - I got the robin kit, but it helpfully came with the pattern for the pudding jumper as well. I was going to make these for the mini Hands for the winter but it seems they will be in Peru so I might direct elsewhere. 

A Latvian mitten kit. I got chatting to the chap on the stall about the British Empire, a weird but predictable conversation in which he asked me if it was really all bad and I had to say we didn't really talk about it in terms of pros/cons when we are teaching it. Honestly, it gets everywhere. Everywhere. 

A skein of DK Merino from Penrhallt Alpacas: this colour winked at me as I walked into the hall on Saturday morning and it was the last thing I bought on my way out. It was just too nice to leave behind.

A sale grab bag of 5 skeins from fivemoons.

A skein of DK merino from Lay Family yarns and a matching pom pom, to make a hat for the SIL. 

Three complementary skeins to make some kind of shawl.

A skein from Mamie and Florrie, who do a wonderful line of sock yarn dyed according to What Three Words pictures - they take their colour inspiration from pictures of the location. This one, the darker green, is Buxton Woods.

Some rainbow yarn - two teeny skeins for adding a single rainbow stripe to the cuffs of some socks or mittens, and a ball of DK for some mitts. 

And a couple more pom poms. 

I had great fun picking out the three skeins of green brown, which I plan to use to make a shawl inspired by Brecon Forest, which is where we stay for the weekend. I made it out for a quick walk on Sunday morning, when the weather was gorgeous and there wasn't a frost. 

I haven't picked out a pattern yet but I am really determined to have it done to wear next year. 

Another wonderful weekend with wonderful people. 

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