Sunday 28 April 2024

2024 Weeknote 17

I'd like to say that work malaise has lifted this week but it hasn't, really. My motivation is so low that that it's able to limbo right underneath my work pile, which is going to become a problem if I can't find some this week. The crushing crescendo was Friday when I gave some students detention for being late to a cover lesson being taught next door to my own and they went to a colleague to complain about me all breaktime; 'I just don't want her to talk to me' was the main mood. Hey kid! I'd rather not talk to you either but this is in your power yknow - be on time! Wear the right uniform! Do what people are asking you to do!

Happily, the colleague that they chose to complain to is one of my work besties so that is always good. 

I need to stop fixating on the fact that I still have time to resign. 

It was a pretty quiet week socially, as I was away for the weekend. I went to yoga, because my leg is getting better, phew. But then I overstretched my hip and that hurt. Eyeroll. I watched the rest of True Detective 3 and I really liked it. I liked the fact it was mostly about human relationships but I didn't really notice that until the final episodes, because I was so fixated on the murder mystery. I liked the relationship between Mahershala Ali and Stephen Dorff. I thought Stephen Dorff's bald cap in the later scenes was a bit suspect (it didn't move when his forehead did) but it was a small thing. Mostly I like seeing the relationship unfold between Ali and Carmen Ejogo: it felt immensely human. 

Now I've started Baby Reindeer which feels like it's going to be excruciating to watch. 

I haven't made much progress on my books. I finished the Bourdain and started The Warmth of Other Suns by Isabel Wilkerson, but it was a bit heavy-going for me this week so I switched to music for my commutes instead. 

I had a lovely, lovely weekend away with knitting group at the end of this nothingy week. We went back to the bunkhouse and spent the weekend pottering, knitting, crocheting, spinning, basking in front of the fire, eating cake and chatting. I was looking back through old Wonderwool posts and divined that this was the tenth annual weekend trip we have made, our first being in 2013 but with two years lost to covid. I should maybe look back through my stash and work out how much yarn I have left from all these trips but, nah. 

The group helped me with my blanket construction. I have finished my 130 hexagons and was at a loss about how to connect them. So we laid them all out and they helped me divide into first three, then two piles and did the maths for me about how large it might be. I bought a blocking device today so now I just have to work out how to crochet them together. 

Full WW post to follow, with the new stash. Here I am, glorying in the layout for one of the planned blankets.

With thanks to Claire for the picture :D

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