Saturday 5 January 2008

Happy New Year! - And Further CPH Whinging

Nearly time to start work for 2008. I turn the big 3-0 this year, it's exciting, but I could still do with it being LAST weekend so I had another week off before work. I feel thoroughly rested and I've done the bare minimum amount of work necessary to ensure I don't get to the end of Monday and have to cry all way home due to the stress, but I could do more. I suppose I could always do more. If I'm making one new year's resolution, it's to Know My Limits (Woman).

I have finished the left front of my Central Park Hoody, and I knitted the short row shoulders and did the three-needle bind-off with the back piece, without event. I phased in a second ball every 2 rows and so the colour difference isn't too bad (I hope). However, after reading a lot about the project I realised I knitted the doucle central cable on the back piece....well, backwards. I cabled front and then back, instead of the other way around. This was because I read the chart from left to right, like any dumb western scholar. I am really irritated by this, because I wanted this sweater to be perfect - but, in all honesty, I like it better that way. It's just that it's wrong. Anyway, I'm glad I learned the trick of chart reading on a project where the mistake doesn't mess up the whole thing. I have a far more ambitious cable project in mind (once I get my hands on this bookful of cable patterns) and it's good to get the practice in.

I am joining in with this bag-a-month project on Ravelry. I am charmed by the idea - who doesn't need more bags? I have an excellent project in mind for the cables, from Drops, and there is a cable and moss stitch bag I was planning to make with my leftover Maya, but since I'm not planning on forking over for the pattern that will be of my own design. I also have a great idea for a beaded bag, which will also be my own design. The felting may be a little tougher, I don't mich like felting; since the washing machine consumed a piece of my last felted project, I know I'm going to have to hand-felt and I am much too lazy for that. I still need a laptop bag, though.

January's project will have to be quick and simple. I'm thinking a string bag. I have a bunch of Lily Sugar'n'Cream that is begging to be used.

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