Sunday 6 February 2011

Four Things Tag

I have lately become a fan of the Lazy Designer and her blog, which is all about her adventures in a little Italian shop, her cats and other aspects of her life in Italy. I am a fan of Italy. We went there on our honeymoon. I like the fact that each of the four places I have visited there were almost unique, like they were different countries. Venice, Lake Garda, and two ski resorts in the Alps; those of course were quite similar, but totally different from the other two. We do a little background on the formation of Italy during A-level History at my school, so I can well understand how this is the case.

Anyway. Bobbi didn't tag anybody specifically, so I am going to neb in on her tag and do this for myself, as a break from marking.

4 shows I watch
Skins (original British version, and not least because it is filmed in Bristol)
Human Planet, an epic documentary series on the BBC at the moment looking at communities living in extreme environments
The Big Bang Theory

4 things I'm passionate about
Live and let live
The colour blue, in all its wondrous variety
Spelling and grammar

4 words or phrases I say a lot
Oh!.... (I seem to begin the vast majority of my sentences with one of these two words).
Man up.
Oh YES! I am loving that.

4 things I have learned from the past
Don't be afraid to hoe your own row.
The truth is almost always a lot less painful in the long run.
If the doctor says you're not sick enough to refer, get a second opinion.
Too much vodka is A Bad Thing (or at least...I assume. I don't remember.)

4 things I did yesterday
I went to knitting group at Get Knitted.
I was called a rude name by a bad driver who changed his mind at the last minute about the way he was turning, and therefore nearly ran me over.
I caught up on some TV shows I haven't had time to watch.
I did lots of backreading for my team. Yawn.

4 places I'd like to go
Machu Picchu, Peru
Skomar Island
To bed...

4 things I'm looking forward to
The end of exam marking, on Tuesday.
Iceland right after that, and seeing the Aurora Borealis, I hope.
Thursday knitting group weekend away at the end of March.

4 things I love about winter
Not being too hot all the time.
Hoar frost building up on the trees.
Beef stew and dumplings.

4 things on my wishlist
I want a little Mac Book Air. I really do not need one.
A third shelf for my knitting room.
A new pair of Uggesque boots, but with a decent, sturdy sole that copes with snow.
A woodburner.

4 bloggers I'm tagging
There are a lot more than four bloggers I would love to read more from. I always think these sorts of answers are a bit of a cop out but I cannot narrow it down to four! Please consider yourself tagged if you are reading this, and respond on your blog. And tell me if you do! I am not allowing myself into Google Reader before Tuesday, when marking finishes, so I might miss it otherwise. I sneaked a little peek earlier and saw the tag, but now I have wasted nearly an hour of good marking time and I really must be strict tomorrow!


junebug said...

Shows: I watch Glee, too. And don't you find most of the time the British originals are always better? Don't get me started on.

I'm passionate about travel, too!!! Yeah!!! Skiing and Iceland sound so fun right now. I'm heading to the commercial world of Disney with family.

I would love a Mac Book Air but spent all my money on my new iphone. Of course, my phone was four years old which is like 100 in cell phone years. Are Uggs as comfortable as they look? I've coveted my bff's pink ones for years.

Anonymous said...

I want a mac book too...and i need one. it's fun that you've been to lake Garda for your honeymoon, that's exactly where I live!!