Sunday 1 July 2012

Crafty Photo Scavenger Hunt: Topics for July

I'm hosting Crafty Photo Scavenger Hunt this month. Here are the topics:

It was tough to narrow it down!

The Rules:
On the 1st of each month the host will post 5 categories.

Two categories will be the same every month: ‘Something you made’ and ‘inspiration’. The other three will change each time. You have the rest of the month to take a photo for each category.

By the last day of the month you should post your photos in a blog post and let the host know by either e-mailing them or posting a comment on their blog – make sure you give them the url of your blog so that they know where to link to.  The host will link to every participant’s photos and will also choose a favourite for each category and post them on their blog a few days into the new month.

The host for CPSH is going to change each month from now on, so let me know if you'd like to host next month.


Anonymous said...

Nice choice of topics, I shall have to hunt down some ladybirds if the rain ever stops!

Ruth over at The Goldhawk Project has volunteered to host for August so can you please link to her at the end of the month?


The Awesome Lady said...

I'm in too - will get cracking on it today!