Tuesday 24 July 2012

Tuesday Ten

Ten Goals for the Summer Holidays

1. Knit a rose every day for my planned work desk chair revamp.
2. Knit something else during the Olympics. It doesn't feel quite the same since the name Ravelympics was banned....no kidding, the spirit of the games has been lost. But I will be challenging myself anyway.
3. Do some gardening.
4. Clean the house properly.
5. Finally, FINALLY go to the tip.
6. Get a pedicure.
7. Have a birthday party. With lots of cake. And Hendrick's gin.
8. Get some Australia pictures printed and make a start on the photo album I have planned.
9. Get to a total of 30 spinning classes (my NY Resolution was 50 in 2012 and I am currently on...16. Sigh.)
10. Have a wardrobe clearout. I feel like I should do the "haven't worn it for a year, chuck it" thing but whether I can bring myself to do it remains to be seen.

It is nice to be at home for the holidays, so far at least....I know, it's only been two days. I have a few non-work work bits to be getting on with and the weather it gorgeous. Quite enjoying chilling out and having time to do normal things, like putting the washing away.

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