Monday 2 July 2012

June Goals Round Up

I'm a bit annoyed with June, if I'm honest. It raced away from me like a raindrop down a window pane (and I've seen enough of those lately to know what they look like...) so when I woke up on Sunday and realised I'd missed my deadline, I was most put out. Two of these things I had planned to do on Sunday, but now I haven't done them at all, in a fit of pique. Guess what's going on next month's list then....

Cast on for a new garment.
No. I have swatched for three, and got a free pattern from Kristen Omdahl for leaving a nice comment on Ravelry about her scarf pattern, which is perfect for my new stash of Egyptian Cotton, not least because that was free also. I was going to cast this on on Sunday. But I didn't because I was sulking about it being July.

Cast on for a new accessory/baby item using something that was stashed before 1/1/2012 - that 65km of yarn is not going to knit itself, after all.
I did this, and I am about half way through. The usual garter stitch baby jumper in Rowan All Seasons Cotton. Will I ever knit another baby pattern? It seems unlikely.

Run some helpful after school sessions for the upcoming "Bring Your Own Device" day I have been planning, so that hopefully my colleagues will be mostly on board.
Yes. Nobody came to the first one. Two people asked for help on the second. The day was on Friday and it was a resounding success, I think. Waiting to see if there is any negative feedback, but I baked a massive amount of cake yesterday to say thank you so hopefully that will ward off any part time whingers.

Plan an assembly to get students on board also.
Yes, did this. Well, "plan" is a strong word. But I did the assemblies.

Plan BYOD workshop for the History conference. I am starting to have a panic in the pit of my stomach that I cannot shake - this is now less than a month away, and marking starts in two weeks, and after that there won't be any time to do anything, argh! And breathe. 
I did this in brief a couple of weeks ago, and in detail yesterday. I am still very worried about it. I have decided this is because I really don't think it's going to be very good; and somebody else is running basically the same workshop, and he is much better than me. But I have resigned myself; and if it is poorly received then the worst they can do is not invite me back next year.

Something housey...hmm. Measure up for the shelves I want in the spare room.
Yes, another Sunday job. I have been meaning to do this for months and it really wouldn't take long.

Get rid of the spare room bed. Anybody want a 2 foot 6 single bed? Free to a good home!
I got home from Asdal on Saturday night and realised I had forgotten to put a card up. I'll have to do it next time.

Four out of seven...not too bad. It COULD have been 7, though, if June had 31 days in it and/or I had a better memory.

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