Friday 10 August 2012

Fave Friday

I love these shoes.


These shoes are old. I bought them in 1997. I was working briefly at William Hill and I saw these shoes and was utterly smitten. I had to have them. They were in Faith, and I managed to scrape enough out of my pay packet to purchase them: and then promptly tore the fabric on the heel by sitting with my feet resting on a little table we had in our teeny studio flat at the time. I took them back but they had no others in my size so I think, in the end, they gave me some money back. Later, I also bought them in black.


Being the height of the Spice Girl era, these shoes weren't too unusual back then. I loved the colours and the fact they were so very comfortable, yet made me impossibly tall - well over 6 foot. When I started uni that September there was a girl there who was impossibly cool and had these shoes in a brown and tan colourway so I felt that I was also cool, even though I didn't wear mine to uni. If memory serves, I spent most of my uni life in DM Mary Janes or scruffy trainers. But the spice shoes came out for clubbing trips every now and then.

I hauled out these shoes this past weekend for a 60s themed hen do. They have not withstood the test of time. I used to think I could dye them to stop them looking so dirty but now the inner has started to separate from the sole and the strap on one is on its last legs. I think it is time to part with the spice shoes...I still have the black pair, after all. Very occasionally I wear them to work.

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