Friday 31 August 2012

Fave Friday


This is a Mason Cash mixing bowl. It is one of a set of three which I believe are limited edition to mark the Queen's Jubilee - this one, to be precise. Around the bowl it says "Let them eat cake" which I love. A lot. In this picture it contains a large quantity of pink buttercream icing I made for my friend Phillipa's hen party: we played "Ice the Wedding Cake" with predictably hilarious results.

I succumbed and bought the white one too, which says "God save the cream"; I was only able to resist the blue because (a) I knew Mr Z would give me his trying-not-to-be-horrified-at-yet-another-piece-of-kitchen-equipment-and-failing look (which I don't mind, it keeps me from buying too much), (b) my kitchen is red, black and white, with a pink fridge, and not requiring any more colours in it, (c) it says "Off with her bread" and I don't really make bread, and (d) I really didn't need it.

The red and white ones look splendid on my shelf. I was a bit disappointed when I used it with my electric whisk and it marked the bowl, but a quick Google found this to be a widespread problem and I thought, well, these things are meant to be used, aren't they?

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