Saturday 1 September 2012

Crafty Photo Scavenger Hunt: August

Something I Made


Spoilt for choice this month! As is always the case in the holidays. But here are my finished thrummed mittens. They were my Ravelympics project. I was suffering from second mitten syndrome, mainly because I had to carefully make all the thrums ahead of time to ensure I had enough and I don't like making thrums. It paid off though - in the end I had precisely one thrum remaining.

Bonus inside thrum shot.

Can I use the Olympics two months in a row? Well, I'm gonna.

David Rudisha of Kenya, the first man in history to run the 800m sub 1 minute 41 seconds. This race was INCREDIBLE. There were many incredible moments during this Olympics but this really stood out for me, not just because he beat the WR but because he inspired every other runner in his race to achieve a best of their own. There were some new country records and a lot of PBs. It kind of felt like, they all knew he was going to win AND that he was going to do something amazing and they upped their game, even though they couldn't beat him, because they didn't want to let him down in his big moment.

This is not especially inspiring when it comes to craft, I suppose! But this is my favourite story of the Olympics and I find the whole story very uplifting. Guess what my assembly will be about this year...

I nearly put a picture of me in here, or my birthday cake, as August saw me mark another birthday. I am now officially as old as the years I have left to work before I retire. What a depressing thought. But anyway....


I was having a clear out and found this. It was discovered by my housemate in the junk of the last house we shared together in London. Mr Z declares it is a pipe tobacco tin; polished up it will make a good holder for stitch markers, I think.




This monstrous dragon fly came into the house last week and managed to get stuck between the sliding doors. I did attempt to help but was hampered by my inability to get within five feet of the creature. It had to wait for Mr Z to return; by that point it was right at the bottom and the only way to free it was to slide the door over the top of it. This did not bode well for the thing, but it survived. Freaky. I think that tells us everything we need to know about the deadly nature of these things.

Motifs: Hearts


My oven gloves. The are by Emma Bridgwater; Mother Hand purchased them for us several years ago along with a tea towel. I don't much care for hearts as I think they can be a bit twee but I think this has managed to avoid it.

Thanks for picking the topics this month, Ruth! (And sorry to all of you who took part last month, for not doing a favourites post. It was very remiss of me.)  


S. said...

Seems like insects were a popular choice for the 'surprise' category! Those mittens look ace for the coming cold months.

Unknown said...

Love the pipe tobacco tin, great find!

Anonymous said...

Those mittens are brilliant, although I did have to go and Google to find out what thrums were!