Friday 7 September 2012

Fave Friday


I tell people I don't drink tea, and I believe it too, but it's a lie. In fact, it's one of my favourite things. What I mean is, I don't drink traditional British style tea, ie, black tea with milk. It makes me feel a bit ill. However, I love green tea, white tea, all varieties of fruit and alternative tea (nettle being a favourite) and I am branching out into things like Earl Grey and Pekoe. Just not with milk.

Above is a marvellous teapot, from the London Pottery Company, and a big teacup, from Laura Ashley, and a delicious caffeine-free infusion from Whittard's. Though I love the teapot* and cup, the drink is my fave thing here. This one is acerola cherry; I have also tried and loved apple and elderflower. That one is especially nice chilled with some gin. I call it the Sally Iced Tea.

* Teapot would be better if it had an internal basket. It's all very well to use a strainer but those infusions are mighty chunky and impede the flow.

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