Sunday 30 September 2012

Crafty Photo Scavenger Hunt: September

Rachel at The Awesome Lady picked this month's topics. I must admit that I blinked and missed September (blush) so they threw me into something of a panic today when I realised I didn't have anything suitable for any category. ARGH! But, I went looking through my phone for some pictures and I think I have only really properly cheated on one category. You'll tell me what you think.

Something I Made

I started making a Lea Stein collection.

Last September, I went to the Shepton Mallet Antiques Fair with Parpy Jo and Crabby, and I was most impressed with the ladybird brooches. I couldn't, however, find one that was red with black spots. So I went back this year with one thing on my shopping list. Then I thought it looked lonely. I have been drowned in re-marks this month (for those with an interest in education, this is nothing to do with any of the results issues that are in the new and everything to do with me moving to a different, bigger paper and a promoted position this summer) which meant I had lots of "fun" money. Re-mark money must be for something fun because it's the worst bit of the job, in my opinion.So, I went a bit mad.

The picture does not do the colours justice. The blue cat was the last one I bought and should really have stayed behind but the colour just could not be passed up. I remembered how I have been thinking all year about the ladybird brooch and decided I couldn't risk thinking all year about this one.

Ed McKeever's gold postbox is next to the road on which I drive to work every day. A nice way to keep hold of a bit of that Olympic inspiration from the summer.

I have examples of these, but they are at work. I hoped I might get away with this instead.

They are the proofs for my first book! Now a bit grander than the doodles they started out as.

Season's Change
I know autumn has arrived every year when these spiders set up shop in my flower bed. They build their webs one behind the other so I don't know how they stay alive. These two (in the top left and bottom right corners of the picture)are at the front of a row of six webs.

Motif: Music
Really, really stuck with this one. I actually considered taking a screenshot of Songpop (with which I am utterly obsessed, please play me if we are friends on Facebook) but then I found this in my phone gallery -

This is a cocktail I had last weekend when we went out in Bristol to celebrate Cara's 30th birthday. It contains espresso, some kind of honey liqueur, and tequila. It was really lovely and look - I know those are meant to be hearts but they did look a bit like mirrored bass clefs to me and hey, it's prettier than a Songpop screenshot don't you think?

Thanks for a great list of topics Rachie and I'm sorry I haven't really done them justice!

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Anonymous said...

Ooooh, I got a photo of Mo Farah's golden box, but had no one to take a picture of me with it :(