Saturday 1 September 2012

Summer Holidays Goals Round Up

Six glorious weeks of nothingness are finally over. I have managed to drag out the final bits of work for my book right to the final day, which irks me as I wish I'd had to motivation to do it all in the first fortnight, but oh well. TBH, the holiday feels like it has gone of for months, rather than weeks, and I am quite ready to begin again.

How did I do?

1. Knit a rose every day for my planned work desk chair revamp. 
No. This was going quite well for a while, but then I ran out of wound Cascade and then needed to concentrate on my mittens during the Olympics. Also, this end of the holiday I have finally learned to crochet and I have been crocheting flowers.  
I only started today and it's fiddly but quite addictive. I have double this number of flowers already.

2. Knit something else during the Olympics. 
Yes. I finished my second pair of thrummed mittens, medalling in WIPs Wrestling. Third time I've competed - first time I've actually finished!

3. Do some gardening.
Yes. Welll...sort of. I hired a gardener. I just had to come to terms with the fact that I did not want to spend my own time doing it.

4. Clean the house properly.
Yes, ready for my birthday party, but it is kind of needing doing again now. I'd like to wash the kitchen floor, too, which I didn't do last time. 

5. Finally, FINALLY go to the tip.
YES!! And then got home, and found half a dozen things I should have taken. 

6. Get a pedicure.
Yes. I have discovered shellac. My nails will never be the same. 

7. Have a birthday party. With lots of cake. And Hendrick's gin.
Yes. I invented a new cocktail and we bought a gazebo that is the size of the whole lawn. Grumpy neighbour will be even grumpier now we can have barbecues all year round. 

8. Get some Australia pictures printed and make a start on the photo album I have planned.
I have submitted them to Photobox and am waiting for them to arrive - so I am halfway. 

9. Get to a total of 30 spinning classes (my NY Resolution was 50 in 2012 and I am currently on...16. Sigh.)
No, but I did get up to 24. I realised I had to do less spinning and more running. I'm not going to make 50 spinning classes in 2012.

10. Have a wardrobe clearout. 
Yes. I got rid of two bin bags of clothes, and removed a bunch of others that don't currently fit to another storage space. 

Not half bad!

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