Sunday 27 January 2013

Weekend FO

Here be dragons.


Pattern: Improvised. Dragon chart from here.
Yarn: King Cole Merino DK - roughly 5 balls
Needle: 4mm

Parpy Jo wanted a hoody with a zip right up the back. She wanted it to be taupe. This is what she got - but she was so pleased she nearly cried (I think...she may have been lost for words due to horror but if that was the case she hid it well).

I kept very detailed pattern notes on the Ravelry project page so it is worth looking there if you'd like to make something similar. My most triumphant part of this was setting in the zip. I used an icord bind off on the zipper band and it made it so easy to get the zip in evenly. Firstly I blanket stitched in the outermost stitch, and then I went back over in running stitch, using the knit stitches on the icord as my guide. It came out invisible which was particularly amazing as the green cotton I used for the job did not match the yarn.


So, yeah - if you want to put a zip in a knitted garment, an icord bind off is the way to go. In fact, I think it would even be worth picking up stitches and adding an icord bind off if necessary - like if you're applying the zip to a vertical edge and not a horizontal one.

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