Tuesday 29 January 2013

Tuesday Ten

I'm back on the bandwagon with Artsyville - this week, things I collect.

1. Yarn. Last stash count (May 2012) suggested 55km but I have knitted some and bought some since then....

2. Buttons. I have a really thing for glass buttons, especially black glass buttons.

3. Other knitting paraphernalia - stitch markers and project bags; vintage stitch holders (the metal ones that look a bit discoloured with age are my favourites).

4. Boden dresses. I wince sometimes when I leave the house and realise I am in head to toe Boden, since all my coats and most of my dresses came from there. But it flatters my figure and I love their colours and the dresses are always long enough and never see-through, which is more than can be said for some other clothing emporiums.

5. Pens. Not really on purpose - this is more of a hoarding thing. If I find a pen that is nice to write with then I will buy many of them in case I lose it. Of course, when I own many of them, I never lose them. I am thinking about splashing out on a very lovely fountain pen when I get my first royalties cheque (a nice pen for a writer, type thing). I blame Elizabeth.

6. Brooches. I like to trawl around charity shops for old ones, and I have a fairly new obsession with Lea Stein acetate brooches. It started with the ladybird but it's grown much bigger than that now. I think it's the magical combination of bright colour and deco styling that has me smitten.

7. Red and white polka dot stuff. It has moved past obsession into actual fabric of my being. I dressed my bridesmaids in this print. I try to tone it down and keep it just to kitchen stuff now.

8. Things with a Union Jack motif. This was a new one last year, when everywhere was Union Jacks for the Jubilee and Olympics. I do like the colour combination and I like to feel patriotic. I have a good collection of tins and a nice Emma Bridgwater shopping bag which are probably my favourites.

9. Tea party peripherals. Mostly cake stands, but also tea cups and , if I had room, teapots. But I only have one of these. It is red and white spots and matches my favourite tea cups, and one of my cake stands (see point 7).

10. Looking around at all the other things that make up the jumble of my possessions, it ties somewhere between perfume, knitting magazines and Lush products. I probably have about equal quantities of each. Knitting magazines are the only growing concern among those three, though; I live in fear of not buying one and then finding a pattern I want to knit in it, many years later, when it's out of print. This is an irrational fear, I know, in this digital age.


storybeader said...

I'll have to look the Boden dress up! And teapots! I forgot about them - I used to collect them! {:-Deb

35jupe said...

Lady bug girl? Is that you?

Okay, I'm kidding. I know lady bugs have black spots. But I thought this was such a fun list! I feel like I know you better from reading it. I enjoyed this list so much.

Anonymous said...

#5 - ahahahahaha.

That is all.

Ċ olanje na domu-Waldorf said...

It's so much fun to read these lists with different people's addictions. :) Polka dots rock!

Textile Recycler said...

Nice well rounded mix of old and new and some really cool stuff! I'm on board with the dots too!

NicoleNR said...

I laughed when you qualified your collecting of pens as actual hoarding- I have a couple of brands of pens that I immediately ordered a dozen of when I realized how much I loved them! And yes, they're hoarded away because I have no intention of sharing- lol!

Unknown said...

I adore pens as well, and I'd hate to count them since I'd figure out just how bad my habit is as well. I love cake stands as well, and "accidentally" began collecting them a few years back. One caught my eye and followed me home...and then another and another and so on!

aimee said...

totally with you on the yarn, buttons and pens. i'm a hoarder on the last one as well, definitely!