Wednesday 28 August 2013

Holiday FO

Manolo Socks


Pattern: Manolo from Twist Collective
Yarn: Easyknits Deeply Wicked
Needle: 2.25mm and 2.75mm for the cuff
Mods: I was concerned the cuff might be too small so I increased two stitches after turning the heel. I had intended to increase more but then changed my mind. This worked out really well because when it came to the final rows of ribbing, I had the right number of stitches to work it as set.
I think I was meant to work 18 rows of the ribbing at the end, but I did ten and then bound off.


LOVE. I love the colours in the yarn and the cabling and the bow at the back, like I am wearing ballet shoes, not socks. They were cast on at knitting group in July and knitted mostly on holiday. I got them out on the plane over and realised I had forgotten my cable needle. I am not good at doing cables without a needle, so I improvised, first from a piece of lolly stick and then with a cotton bud with the ends snipped off. Both worked reasonably well, but I think the squareness of my piece of lolly stick distorted the cable a little on one side, which is why I switched to the smooth, round plastic.


This used 88g of yarn. Towards the end of knitting I was quite concerned about what was happening because there was so much yarn left over, until I weighed it and realised this skein was around 160g. Of course, I have lost the tag (I know I saw it SOMEwhere recently but....meh) so I guess it was a special skein of some kind. I think the colours are like bruises. The skein had to come home with me when I saw it - I love the blue especially (of course).


Officially the biggest size was too small for my enormous feet. I think the biggest size around was 7 inches and mine measured at something like 10. I went for it anyway and they fit just fine. They are maybe a little on the snug side so if I was to make them again, I would knit a few rows before starting the cabling. I'd also wash them before taking pictures, or at least brush off all the bits of fluff they picked up from my next project.

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