Friday 23 August 2013

Our Summer Holiday

We are returned! Mr Z and I spent three and a half weeks in the American south-west - four days in Vegas either side of an epic camping trip around the edges of California.

Here's the map of it:

View Road Trip 2013 in a larger map

I've tried to include everything on the map - the routes we took,the places we stayed, the restaurants we visited and the tour companies we used.

It's really hard to say which the best bit was, because we saw such a diversity of things, but I think I would most like to go back to Lassen. It was like a mini Yellowstone and unfortunately they were doing road construction while we were there which limited what we were able to see, so I definitely feel like I have unfinished business there.

I have a series of blog posts about the trip which I wrote, mostly by the fire on the iPad while we were camping. I will post them in the order in which they were written and all with the same date, but I'll note the date of writing on each one.

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