Monday 20 January 2014

Weekend WIP

I saw this sock kit ages ago and kept going back to it until I finally bought it. I put it on my project wishlist last April (curiously, I note, right after the stripy jumper I detailed in last week's wasn't my plan to do them in order), and finally got round to pulling it out at the end of December. I was mildly horrified to see that the card in it wished me a happy new year - how can I have wanted a kit for so long and then leave it languishing for a whole year?!

Oh yes. Life, etc. So I got Mr Z to wind the yarn for me and then I cast these on on Saturday at knitting group. I also cast on a laceweight tunic I have intended to start since last April, but then it turned out that these were what I wanted to knit for preference. Funny how it goes. I couldn't stop until I got into the red yarn, although today I realised I was patterning over the sole as well as the instep and had to rip it back. Boo. Luckily I had only done a row and a half.

I really love knitting socks two at a time on one circular. They may not be very much of anything yet but I felt very accomplished having something I could put on both feet at the end of a couple of hours of knitting.

You can still get the kit if you love watermelons as much as me. I didn't get whacked for import duty on this one, either - I think it must come in just under the threshold.

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